PRADA went public this week

Men’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Works, by co-creative directors

Miuccia Prada


Raf Simons

Co-design. Men’s bags with bright

Solid colors such as orange, blue, and green

As a keynote,

Fisherman’s hat + bag

The combination is the most striking,

Oversized triangle bag

Inspired by the brand’s iconic triangle logo.

PRADA Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear Show

· Triangle bag ·

Men’s Triangle triangle bag

in order to

Large size

Unveiled, it can be used as a casual shoulder bag. This one is only made from casual lightweight canvas that’s printed with

Sky blue, bright orange and black and white stripes

The pattern is quite summer-like beach.

Official price ¥15,300

The Triangle bag is inspired by the brand’s classic triangle logo, on the front

Embossed classic logo pattern

, the sides are embellished

It’s covered with a colourful metallic logo

, concise and eye-catching.

Official price ¥14,200

Official price ¥20,700

· Backpack ·

This one


The top is trimmed

Triangular cover

, deweaving the brand’s signature triangle into a detailed design with a rounded oval base. Fitted with one on the fabric shoulder strap

Detachable pouch

The bright vertical stripe pattern adds a playful touch.

· Hat bag ·

PRADA reinterprets tradition

Fisherman’s hat

– The slightly longer brim at the back creates a triangular silhouette that covers the back of the neck and has an adjustable chin strap for a vintage touch. The highlights are

Side slots

Used for embedding


, while the back

Three-dimensional zipper bag

Modern and creative.

Official price ¥7,850

Official price ¥7,000

Image source|iBag

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Official price ¥14,200