The cold wind is fierce, how to let the body and mind have a warm winter? Faux fur is a good choice. Today we will take a look at how to choose and match artificial fur. Faux fur, which has been gaining popularity in the past two years at the initiative of animal protectionists. Although the topic of which is more environmentally friendly between natural fur and artificial fur is still inconclusive, it is indeed inexpensive and more economically acceptable than natural fur, which is tens of thousands of dollars larger. The second advantage of faux fur is that it is easy to dye any color, and the design of the garment is more eye-catching than real fur.

Let’s comb through the dizzying variety of furs and see which one you want to buy this winter (the furs mentioned in this article are all artificial furs).

1. Colorful furs

Colorful fur is deep in the essence of artificial fur, like God has overturned the color palette, and so many beautiful colors are dyed on the fur, which is why we love artificial fur more.

Its colors are endless, red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple, all of which impact people’s imagination.

If you lighten the colors, such as cute gray pink, haze blue, taro purple, mint green, then the expression of the fur will be much gentle and sweet.

Colorful furs are full of personality and youthful atmosphere. Regardless of age, whoever wears it will be the brightest one in the crowd. If the colors are spliced together, the effect will be more gorgeous and exaggerated, and there is a sense of sight at a glance of 10,000 years.

This colorful stitching model is bursting with imagination and has a strong visual impact, like a very colorful nature.

The two furs below, made of large areas of pastel color geometric patches, are full of girly atmosphere, and they will reduce their age when they are put on.

2. Elegant and attractive white fur

White fur has a subtle nobility, a delicate balance between everyday and grandeur, so that fashionistas around the world fascinate almost every hand. This season’s white furs range from spotless all-white to milky, creamy, and light beige blended with yellow tones, with a wide range of options.

White fur is like a white shirt in the shirt world, which can be well matched with all clothing, without a sense of contradiction.

3. Timeless classical fur

You can’t go wrong with a classic design fur, after all, it has been tested in the long river of history. Depending on the piece you match, it can sometimes show an inverted atmosphere. For example, the fur below, which is very vintage in both pattern and design, is lightened and flexible by the knitted and silk materials of the same color, and it is new.

Leopard fur is also a classic, and today’s faces look like this. Long and short, modern retro, free to cross.

Do the two short black furs in the picture below feel familiar? It looks like it was rummaged out of mom or grandma’s closet. It turns out that with just a slight change in makeup and accessories, the basics will also give it a new look.

4. Lively and age-reducing shearing fur

The texture of shearing fur is fluffy and looks even warmer and cute.

This season, mainly beige, light coffee or light pink color is not highly saturated.

The luxury of fur goes without saying, and it is especially necessary to work the collocation, otherwise it is easy to look old. Sister Guoguo sorted out a few dressing ideas to see how to match fur to look advanced and young.

1. Wear it in the same color

Same-tone outfits can seek contrast in the color depth and material of the piece, and “harmony and difference” is the highest realm.

While maintaining the overall tone consistency, the texture of the fur is more prominent, which looks high-class.

Does this outfit below look like a little fairy coming out of the forest? The light khaki fur vest is set off by a metallic dress of the same tone. Even the color of the bag body and straps perfectly echoes the whole outfit, which is really a master in the matching world.

What makes Sister Guoguo miss the most is the green fur outfit below, which is very suitable for practical wear. I want to copy my homework right away and buy it for myself~

2. Contrast wearing

The simplest way to wear a color contrast is to contrast fur with black and white.

Whether it’s color, white or leopard fur, black and white can be perfectly matched to look clean and modern, perfect for everyday wear.

You can also turn down the saturation as a whole, and like the picture below, the feeling of gentle knowledge comes to you.

Of course, high-ranking experts can also challenge to contrast with other colors. For example, bright yellow, lake blue, grape purple, rose red and other colorful colors will reap unexpected effects.

Han Star Luna combines a high-key rose red in a pale pink fur to express her sexiness and hotness.

3. Wear yours with leather pants and skirts

The combination of fur and leather pants is very classic, with a feeling of “rigidity and softness”, which is the favorite of many European and American ladies on the street. If the leather pants are patent leather, the contrast effect will be more exaggerated, making people unable to take their eyes off.

Most people will choose this basic style of leather pants.

There is also the picture below, which has a sense of design at the waist.

The combination of fur and fur skirt is also outstanding.

At this time, the length of the skirt is everything. If you want to look this year, then it is better to choose a leather skirt that is knee-length or over-the-knee. Take a look at the comparison chart below, do you feel that the picture on the right is more advanced?

4. Multi-layering method

Layering in multiple layers to create a sense of layering is also a high-level dressing method. It can quickly bring fur closer to the everyday. The fashion skills of the young lady below are quite profound. It seems to be careless, but in fact, it uses a variety of techniques such as color contrast and multi-element mixing, which is as beautiful as the safety of Mount Tai and does not show its color.

When layering, classic elements such as checks, denim, leather clothing, corduroy can be properly mixed with fur, the focus is “surprised”, but in the sense, the most effective.

Zheng Xiujing and Zheng Xiuyan, the sisters of the entertainment industry, have almost worn the fur types we mentioned above, and they are worthy of being the darlings of the fashion industry icon and major magazines.

Faux fur is simple to care for, and some can even be washed directly with water. In addition, the low cost of construction allows everyone to own it, which greatly enriches the winter wardrobe of the Amy ladies. Of course, the fur of artificial fur is more likely to fall off, and there is still a gap between breathability and warmth than real fur. But so what? It is difficult to have both fish and bear’s paw, as long as you dress beautifully, no one can stop the footsteps of beauty and the light of confidence.