When I was a child, everyone should have such a small shop in their memory

I always want to buy old popsicles and old soda that were two cents a day

But what you’re seeing now is not going to a shop

This is all a pocket version handmade by a post-95 girl!

These exquisite pocket appliances, food

It’s hard to believe it’s handmade…

Red home landline… Been with you for years, right?

When you were a child, the bubble gum that swept the school, did you also play it?

There are also often played glass ball checkers, which is really a real restoration!

Each of her miniature works is full of memories of childhood

Did you have such an enamel basin with a big red carp printed on it in your childhood home?

There are also enamel spittoons with joy printed on them

When I was a child, I was afraid of the dark at night, and I pinned all my trust on him at night

Grandpa’s favorite enamel teapot in memory…

It is now very rare

Look at this big red kettle in my house, it is a family heirloom-level existence

When you get it in your hand, do you believe it’s pocket-sized?

There is also the gift at home that I don’t know which elder got in the factory

A simple rice bowl with a medal printed on it

At that time, everything in the family liked to bring “囍”

And our Chinese nation’s favorite is also dragon and red

This scaled-down cup

I can’t think of any other words to describe than sophistication

When I was a child, I thought that the very tall furniture was such a folding chair

One folding chair was enough for me to play for a day!

When I was a child, everyone should have had such a sewing machine in their home

It is still stored even after many years

When I was a child, there were also very few electrical appliances

Even if there is only one fan like this in summer, it is very happy

The refrigerator is a green classic

At that time, I was reluctant to open it when I bought it, for fear of spending electricity

The time spent at home is such a black-and-white TV

I often get annoyed because I can’t receive a signal

Card game consoles are the most longed for when boys are young!

It is no exaggeration to tell everyone: I… Went to play with fellow scholars~

Radio was also very fashionable at the time

And the trend uncles carried the radio on their shoulders to blow up the street

And when making these things, the materials are also very exquisite

Resin, plastic, glue, clay…

The more miniature the object, the more difficult it is to make, from making – coloring to constantly experimenting with materials

And most of the models are restored from old objects, made of real wood

To this end, she also visited many old towns to find these objects

In addition to the old objects, she has actually shrunk many of the current objects

Even the dresser and cosmetics in life she did not let go

Eye shadow and facial cleanser come to life

Even the washing machine and microwave oven did not escape her clutches

Not only the exterior, but also the internal structure is so delicate…

Such an egg editor can eat 100 at once…

No, it should be 300

Even the drying rack can be restored so real

It can be seen that the shoes are so delicate

She said: “If you want to ask me where inspiration and love come from

It should come from life experience, childhood memory

The objects used in the home are the roots of the past life, parents, and hometown

It is a heartfelt feeling, but also a warm and fuzzy childhood memory

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