Skirt style, with a slight change of details can wear a different fashion effect, but in recent years, in order to get rid of the monotony of pure color, more and more designers have begun to present spliced color long skirts, using multiple colors to enhance the fashion effect, get rid of the monotony of pure color, so that the whole look is no longer so ordinary.

There are really too many “frozen age goddesses” in the entertainment industry, but Yi Nengjing is definitely one of them, more than 30 years after his debut, the former singer is still demeanor, especially in the area of dressing, Yi Nengjing is really like a girl group flower, still so young and beautiful, it is really enviable.

Wearing analysis: black and pink patchwork color long dress, personality and delicate

For older women, the choice of color is still very important, if it is too stunning will expose the skin, and too deep, it will look very old-fashioned and can not reflect the charm of women, so the compromise choice, splicing color has become the best choice for mature women, of course, you are confident enough in you to choose bright color elements.

This time appeared at the Strawberry Music Festival, Yi Nengjing, who is more than half a hundred years old, boldly chose a long dress with a patchwork color, black + pink color matching, one light and one dark, it looks really different, much more durable than solid colors.

Dressing analysis: expose a small area of skin, appropriately increase the sexiness index

Women wearing skirts are naturally indispensable for sexy elements, but for the skin exposed, the grasp of the size still has to be controlled, do not blindly expose the skin in order to pursue the trend, although it attracts a lot of attention, but a little carelessness will look very vulgar, especially for older women, the figure state is hindered by age, obviously not as perfect as young women.

Yi Nengjing’s long dress is made of off-the-shoulder skin-revealing elements, the charming shoulder and neck curve can be said to be just right, without a trace of violation of the sense, the sultry straight shoulders, really very enviable, the fly in the ointment is a little bit of worship meat.

Dressing analysis: makeup + accessories embellishment, like an elf

Women can choose from endless decorations, but in the face of mature women, or the point to the end, on the one hand, too cumbersome dressing will deepen the difficulty of dressing, and secondly, the error rate will also increase, affecting the beauty of the shape, but the basic makeup and accessories must be maintained, at least give people a very spirited feeling.

Yi Nengjing really came prepared this time, the clothes splicing color skin is stunning enough, I can’t think of makeup, like elf-like eyeliner and makeup, particularly eye-catching, personalized hairstyle, standing on the stage and singing, really shine.

Dress analysis: Shining music festival, husband and daughter become fans in seconds

This time Yi Nengjing really showed us what is called the real “goddess of frozen age”, whether it is the clothing or the overall temperament, are particularly bright, women in their 50s are still like 30s, without a trace of signs of aging, at the same time, on the stage, husband and daughter really watch with relish, seconds become fans and fans.

QS: What styles does Yi Nengjing like?

Choose Tips: Sexy Girl Group Fan

In recent years, to say what style is the hottest, that women’s group style must be the first to bear the brunt, when it comes to women’s group style, you can’t forget the navel-baring clothing, whether it is fashion sense or show the figure, especially in the presentation of the proportion of the body The effect is more obvious, can easily lengthen the lower body of women to show off the effect of belly, for girls with a good figure, with short skirts, can show a sexy and stunning body without reservation.

Wear a suit do not be afraid of simplicity, because in the matching and dressing changes, can make the shape become less serious, at the same time conditions permitting, the use of the inner layer can also enrich the overall shape, appear more layered, will not form a style because of the suit Only one style, but in the process of selection, the dress of the suit should not be too fancy, so as not to appear pompous. For example, choosing a T-shirt skirt is relatively conservative and simple, but the error rate is low.

Choose Tips: Sexy Queen Style

Although no longer young, but the beautiful Yi Nengjing is really the coveted kind, selective skin dressing, this whitening skin and this figure, is really eye-opening, no bells and whistles, choose a simple skirt, easily wear a sense of high-end, this dress is very charming.

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Choose Tips: Sexy Girl Group Fan