The rain did not stop until about four o’clock in the afternoon last night, and the rain people were also lazy, and they didn’t eat lunch until after four o’clock in the afternoon, so that they thought about pushing the baby out to wander around, and just as soon as they went out, they felt cool and swished, and before they knew it, autumn had arrived. My baby was born in September last year, so there is not a single warm clothes, all are summer short sleeves, mosquito pants, shorts, so you must buy it quickly, otherwise the child will only go out in diaper blocks (this is how I went out today). Or a baby with a month age calculation, everything needs to be bought, the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a jumpsuit, which is more convenient, a certain treasure turned over for half a day, the maximum size of the fancy is 90, the baby is wearing a little smaller. Another meal to look at the comparison, and finally bought two small vests, one thinner in autumn, one thicker in front of early winter, a pair of large PP pants, a long-sleeved polo shirt, a crewneck shirt, and a jumpsuit, a total of six clothes, the price of one is more than one hundred and thirty, and the most expensive one is a one-piece for more than thirty dollars. Since the baby was born, I have not bought too many expensive clothes, they are all dozen, twenty or thirty pieces, and they are all cotton, which is mainly simple and comfortable. I have always been pure breast milk, and I feel that my treasure is so saved. [Cover face]

Friends around me also buy about the same price for the baby, and I don’t think there is anything bad, come according to your own economic situation. I just wish my baby to grow up safely and happily [shy].