For many people, opening a cake shop or pastry house or café and enjoying the quiet and laid-back atmosphere in the leisure afternoon is indeed a great pleasure in life. If you want to open a professional pastry bakery, the correct choice of bread display cabinets, pastry cabinets, refrigeration and freezing equipment, etc. plays a key role in increasing the store’s operating income and operation. So how do we choose bread display cases and pastry refrigerators?

Bread island cabinet and sandwich cabinet

1. The size of bread display cabinets, sandwich refrigerators and other equipment is determined

For the choice of bread display cabinet size is also particularly important, the size of the bread display cabinet is directly related to the overall store effect and the number of products, so we choose according to the specific needs of the site to set, can not blindly greedy for expensive, to choose cost-effective, and then from a number of aspects to consider, can also be customized according to the size of the store’s decoration to customize the appropriate bread display cabinet. At present, the size of the cake cabinet in the industry is conventional for 0.9 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters, 2.4 meters, 3 meters, if the store size is special, these sizes meet the inappropriate can also contact the manufacturer to customize the size.

Bread island cabinet

2. Design and selection of bread display cabinet and pastry cabinet style:

First of all, we must combine the store decoration style to think clearly about what style of bread display cabinet to place: cake cabinet is generally divided into many kinds, common cake cabinet styles are right angle cake cabinet, curved cake cabinet, vertical cake cabinet, desktop pastry cabinet, open sandwich cabinet and front and rear door cake cabinet, etc., therefore, for the choice of cake cabinet is particularly important, the choice of bread display cabinet, western pastry cabinet needs to be in line with the whole set of store matching, to highlight the overall image of this store, the overall matching coordination! In addition, to highlight the style of the entire store, the store design should first have a clear theme, and refer to the equipment matching and decoration style of the successful case store, such as the day of Xijie Duo Le, bread new language, including the more popular original wheat hill and other successful store designs, and pay more attention to the design and selection of consumer groups and foot traffic. Choose the right style according to the position of the cake cabinet, the right angle cake cabinet is more suitable for matching with the cash register, the curved is biased towards European style, and the open one is suitable for use with the island cabinet.

Bread display case

3. Selection of the color of the base of the bread display cabinet

Generally, the base of the cake cabinet is formed in marble or stainless steel, and the current high-grade display cabinet is mainly used in pure white, black gold sand, jazz white, golden flower beige, etc., of course, other marble colors can also be customized or use wooden base, stainless steel base, etc. The specific color should be determined according to the decoration style of the store, and the color must be coordinated.

4. Choice of cake cabinet configuration

At present, the pastry display cabinets on the market can be described as a wide variety of categories from the perspective of production materials and sales channels, and those who are new to the baking industry or young people enter the society, small mom-and-pop shops do not understand the depth, blindly thinking of saving store expenses From various other network channels or encounter unprofessional merchants selling low-priced display cabinets, I don’t know that a high-quality bread display cabinet is very rigorous from the production materials to the configuration of the refrigeration master and the inspection of finished products. It makes sense why stores with first-line brands are keen to use display cabinets that pursue higher grades.

Sandwich cabinet

Attentive and professional is not just talk. Now whether it is electronic products or raw materials, glass transparency and quality improvement is much better than in previous years, the above is about how to choose the cake shop correctly choose the bread display cabinet, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Bread display case