Delicate, sturdy sofas, conference tables, screens, wine cabinets, and Chinese patterns on them——— it is hard to imagine that such furniture is actually made of paper. The reporter recently interviewed and learned that in our city, this kind of creative paper furniture has quietly appeared in some enterprises, office buildings, and even kindergartens and citizens’ homes in our city…

In the past few days, Ye Xiaomei, general manager of Ningbo Renhe Xing Packaging Co., Ltd., is working with her team of designers to prepare for conception and design to equip a restaurant that is about to open in a commercial center in the city with full furniture. In other words, after the restaurant opens, all paper furniture will be used except for doors, windows, and floor tiles. “We will use primary color containerboard to design tables, chairs, sofas, sideboards, cash registers, and then use lighting, painting, glass, knitted tablecloths and other auxiliary elements to create a restaurant full of literary atmosphere and full of personalization, which may be our first restaurant in Ningbo with paper as the main composition.” Ye Xiaomei said proudly. In the face of the downward pressure of the overall economy, the manufacturing road of some traditional enterprises is getting narrower and narrower, but the trigger of cultural and creative thinking makes Ye Xiaomei’s heart full of a sense of enlightenment.

It is reported that the material of paper furniture is corrugated paper, and the carton in the field of packaging logistics is not much different in technology, the surface is kraft paper, but the best material is selected, its own bearing capacity is stronger, and greater load-bearing can be achieved through structural design. Most of these furniture are made of imported paper, which is very waterproof and can be waterproof for more than 5 minutes, so it is easy to clean and only need to be scrubbed with a damp cloth.

The difference is that the integration of cultural concepts and design elements makes paper furniture add the most significant profit growth point to Renxing enterprises.

“Before 2012, our company was doing ordinary cartons, while taking into account paper shelves and exhibition shelves, a Canton Fair put the plan of paper furniture production on the agenda, because in my opinion, paper is always the best carrier to transmit culture, and therefore, the paper furniture market has great potential.” Ye Xiaomei told reporters. In order to make cultured and personalized paper furniture, she set up a research and development center, hired CAD designers, and even the custodian of the company’s warehouse can draw well.

In the hall of Renhexing, the reporter saw that a Chinese painting was painted on the back of the three-seater sofa, echoing the Bogu shelf on the side, full of charm; The sofa and coffee table in the negotiation area use a large wave of vertical lines to not only frame a solid seat, but also naturally divide a fusion and atmospheric zone; The wine cabinet in the restaurant is simple and practical, the hexagonal dining table is fashionable, and the design of the chandelier lampshade is more eye-catching… And along the corridor, you can occasionally see employee drawings framed with cardboard. No wonder an employee of the company told reporters, “Many old foreigners come to us and love our paper furniture.” ”

Just when the reporter was shocked, Ye Xiaomei took out her mobile phone and showed the reporter a set of photos of the activity room she designed for the kindergarten. In addition to small paper tables and paper benches, the hollowed-out primary color paper fence is refreshing, and the highlight is that on the paper castle and the gate of each fence, teachers and children have painted fairytale-like patterns. The reporter couldn’t help but sigh: “It turns out that paper furniture can carry far more creativity and culture than people imagine.” ”

“Pure natural paper can create a soft, natural and calm living space atmosphere, so it can be used not only in offices, commercial places, etc., but also in homes.” The relevant person in charge of the Zhenhai Printing Industry Association said.

In fact, in addition to Ye Xiaomei’s paper furniture is accelerating into office buildings and commercial places, some products have been adopted and applied by ordinary citizens. For example, chests of drawers, bedside tables, TV cabinets, storage boxes, and even cribs, adult beds, etc. The materials of paper furniture for household use can also be changed from primary color containerboard to color cardboard, which is used to match various colors of the room. “The market price of an ordinary plastic storage box is at least 30 yuan, but our paper storage box is not only cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly.” She said.

It is understood that compared with the original carton business, the newly opened paper furniture project has brought nearly 5 million yuan of annual sales to the company, and its profit can at least double compared with the original carton. Ningbo Evening News reporter Cui Linglin