Pan Heligan Erenesia (Gardenia)

Penhaligon’s Ellenisia

Top notes: orange violet leaves

Heart notes: jasmine, gardenia, rose, tuberose

Base notes: plum vanilla

(1) The top note is slightly heavy, due to the violet leaf fat powder feeling is quite strong, the fragrance of gardenia with a strong green sense and a faint indole feeling, the top note will give people a little rush, but the note is sweet, the fat powder is stronger.

(2) The heart note is a soft floral aroma, the sweetness is also high, the sense of fat powder is still relatively strong, there is a jasmine honey tea mixed with tuberose taste, faintly dating has the smell of roses, but the protagonist is still a tone dominated by white flowers.

(3) The back note is also a relatively sweet note, but the acceptance will be higher than the front middle note, compared with the front center note sweetness has also dropped a little, the light white floral fragrance mixed with the aroma of vanilla and plum, vanilla sweetness will not be very high and milky, the overall feeling is more gentle and elegant.

Face value: 8.5 points

Diffusion: 8.5 points

Retention time: 3-6 hours

Suitable for: female

Perfume rating: 7.4 points

Summary: 【

】This Alenenicia (gardenia) is really not very recommended, the sense of fat powder is still relatively strong, the sense of chemical is slightly stronger, the note is a sweet tone, it is a very sweet small fresh and gentle floral perfume, people who may faint white flowers will faint this gardenia, interested friends recommend to try the fragrance first, do not easily start the symptoms.

Pan Heligan Erenesia (Gardenia)