Hongdou Children’s Clothing adheres to the skin-friendly and healthy product concept, carries out in-depth R&D and innovation, and focuses on the needs of delicate children’s sensitive skin. Focus on user first, customer first, focus on the positioning of children’s skin-friendly underwear. More skin-friendly children’s underwear, wearing red beans. 27 years of focus on children’s clothing, 129 patents are more skin-friendly, cotton originated from the exclusive golden cotton field at 39° north latitude. Mom said that underwear is still good for cotton. Take care of sensitive skin and wear red bean baby cotton.

Adapt to the times Red bean children’s clothing completes the historical transformation

As a subsidiary of Hongdou Group, Hongdou Children’s Wear inherits the group’s rich experience in the clothing industry, has been deeply engaged in the children’s clothing industry for decades, has a strong supply chain system that has been tested, and also has a perfect quality control system, which has certain advantages and heritage in the clothing industry.

The children’s clothing market is becoming increasingly fierce, Hongdou children’s wear has an independent R&D center and a mature design team, taking offline physical store experience as the development strategy, focusing on the economically developed areas of the Yangtze River Delta, and radiating large, medium and small cities across the country. Up to now, Hongdou Children’s Clothing has offline stores in many provinces and cities, forming the brand’s own retail layout. Since 2021, people’s consumption patterns have been deeply influenced, consumers are increasingly inclined to shop online, and new consumption patterns have been formed. Therefore, the sales model of Hongdou children’s clothing has also changed accordingly, vigorously carrying out live streaming and embracing new e-commerce platforms. While taking into account offline retail, online sales are also becoming more and more mature, establishing a rich Douyin account matrix, breaking the game with best-selling explosive products, completing the brand’s traffic layout in emerging e-commerce platforms, highlighting brand strength and accumulating user reputation.

Social changes are changing with each passing day, and grasping the changing context of the times is the basic condition for the long-term development of every enterprise. Hongdou Children’s Wear has always adhered to the brand concept of “skin-friendly children’s underwear”, while also actively embracing new changes and developments, and completed the historical transformation of the short video period.

Take the product as the core and go deep into the user’s mind

For Hongdou children’s clothing, the product is always the most intuitive endorsement. Whether the product is good or not, consumers can clearly perceive it when they touch it. For parents, the health of their children is the most important thing. Therefore, when consumers buy children’s clothing for their children, they will always measure whether the clothes are skin-friendly and healthy. The brand positioning of Hongdou children’s clothing “caring for sensitive skin and wearing Hongdou baby cotton” effectively solves the pain points of parents when choosing clothes for their children, and also coincides with the parenting philosophy of parents. Every product of Hongdou children’s clothing can withstand the careful inspection of parents.

Hongdou children’s wear firmly believes that “skin-friendly” is the core of children’s clothing brand, from raw materials to ready-to-wear, always adhere to the value orientation of “health”, choose healthy fabrics, healthy craftsmanship. Hongdou Children’s Wear is committed to creating skin-friendly underwear, using a large number of skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton, modal and elastic spandex, and vigorously developing and promoting organic cotton, CoolMax and other “black technology” fabrics with special functions, all to care for children’s delicate skin.

Hongdou Children’s Clothing insists on creating children’s skin-friendly underwear, and uses products as a bridge to implant this concept into the minds of users. Consumers’ sincere identification has caused countless repurchases, and has also formed the brand’s unique user stickiness. Solid and reliable products, and consumer recognition and trust, are important parts of brand strength.

Wearing is the world Let clothing become a person’s calling card

Hongdou children’s clothing designers believe that what you choose to wear, what kind of world you choose. Like all mothers, designers care about their children’s food, clothing, and housing. Mothers care about whether their children eat happily or not, and whether they dress healthily or not. Therefore, when designing children’s clothing, the designer deliberately chose healthy fabrics that are friendly to the skin and the earth, such as organic cotton that has been raised for three years without pesticides, and colored cotton that is born with color to eliminate chemical dyeing pollution.

In the process of daily dressing, the child’s skin is delicate, the clothes are not well chosen, and it is easy to have problems such as redness, stinging, and sweating. Therefore, when parents buy clothes for their children, they will touch them, touch them with their skin, look at the cut and thread of clothes, and look at the tags. Behind these behaviors is the need for skin-friendly and healthy clothing, especially intimate clothing.

Hongdou Children’s Clothing has been focusing on children’s clothing for 27 years and has obtained 129 patents, and cotton comes from the exclusive golden cotton field at 39° north latitude. Mom said that underwear is still good for cotton… Everything is perfect, only to care for sensitive skin, to create children’s skin-friendly underwear.