Speaking of the perfume of the girl’s heart, she had to mention Miumiu perfume, although this perfume is just two, and the design is a color of a cover, but it also implied that it is in the genital position, then

What kind of MIUMIU perfume

? Which country is MIUMIU? Which country is MIUMIU?

The perfume of the Miumiu home is a luxury, and it is not very cheap perfume, but who makes it so nice?

Miu Miu ()) and full of experimental style, and PRADA is another expression of the same design concept. Miu Miu was established in 1993, paying attention to elegant and exquisite, and there is no fun, and the feminine temperament is used to the extreme. Miu Miu’s fashion store enters many international top sales, such as New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong. Its shop design and style reflects the boldness of the brand. The store is designed to make more conceivements, reflecting dramatic and playful shopping and fashion attitudes.

The first Miu Miu specialty store opened in Milan in 1993. Its decoration is covered with medieval canvas, wooden furniture and cowel, reflecting a fashionable feeling and Scandinavian breath. Over the years, with the Miu Miu’s fashion concepts continue to change, the concept of shops will also change.

How much is MIUMIU perfume?

Miu Miu believes that one of the brands of a lot of women, the first fragrance launched by the brand is really disappointing. Powder blue bottle, showing MIU MIU handbags Matelasy, Linger, plus red bottle cover and white bottleneck with a white bottleneck, full of young naughty feelings, but no elegance.

miumiu香水什么档次 miumiu缪缪香水是哪国的

The flavor of the fragrance is also attracted, and the fragrant division uses the elegance, the sensual lily, jasmine, roses and other aroma, which is integrated with the wooden scent filled with earth, and creates a unique fragrance with modern feelings. I will think about it: “This is the taste of Miu Miu!” The fresh lily of the lily and the powder blue is like a good match, full of summer feelings.

Sold Price: Miu Miu Escape Fragrance HK $ 580 / 30ml, HK $ 1,020 / 100ml

Miumiu perfume is combined with an opaque light blue glass bottle and golden, red combined with a bottle cap, which is a fragrance that many people like, what grades? Miumiu 香 香?

Which country is MIUMIU perfume?

Italian brand

It is a Miu Miu new product line released by Prada Third Generation Miuccia Prada to take the palm Prada. Miu Miu designer is – Miuccia Prada. In 1993, Miuccia Prada won the International Award of Council of Fashion Designers of America.

How is MIUMIU perfume?

miumiu香水什么档次 miumiu缪缪香水是哪国的

MIUMIU’s bag can’t afford it, can’t you still can’t afford a bottle of perfume? Miumiu family’s first perfume, Yan Yu must enter ~ into this perfume, finished because of color, there is wood, blue red, concentrated Girl with a girl, with a face, face ~

The taste is a sweet and scent of a little incense. It is not very stunning and highly highlighted, but it is the kind of woody adjustment, and there is some rose incense, but it is not Tang. The girls below the ages apply, they can be mature and stable, and they can be lively and cheerful ~ Summer is not too recommended, some heavy, spring and autumn is more suitable ~

Miumiu’s perfume bottle is light blue, the cap is a golden red, the shape looks like the pleated texture of his house bag, super invincible, the texture is very beautiful ~ This is a strong water It is the mainstay of flowers, and the fragrance is lasting ~ Even if it is not smelling, for the bottle, the invincible beautiful perforation ~

What kind of MIUMIU perfume