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: Love weaving (bianzhi121)

A very practical lace cardigan, with No. 8 lace, light flowing pants, skirts can be matched, air conditioning clothing, sun protection clothing This piece is perfectly solved. vehement


One piece per person

With thread: No. 8 lace

Dosage: 235 g

Size: length 85cm bust 45*2

With needle: a



Weaving process:

All according to the illustration, that is, the body is lengthened. Speaking of sleeves, I picked up the loop from the shoulder, so that it is easy to grasp the length, and there is no need for stitching, the whole pick 86 stitches, after a row of hooping, from the middle of the shoulder to weave 6 stitches on each side, a total of 12 stitches, and then lead, each time 6 stitches, left and right 5 times, and then loop down, 2 stitches per 8 rows, 14 times, and then 8 rows, and then double thread (you can also knit according to the length of your arm)

• end •

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