Today, T Ye will introduce you to the young lady hwoniii from South Korea, with a clear face, which has the feeling of a girl next door.

Floral dresses, probably every woman has them. Everyone treats it as lightweight casual clothing and dresses it casually. It is not as solemn as simple color clothing, nor is it as bold as large flowers and large color blocks.

T-shirts have always been among the must-have items for people, as long as you match them well, you can easily wear “fan”.

The black sweater and white pants are fresh and stylish.

This light blue knitted suit dress is perfect for everyday wear. Knitted on the body, itself gives people a very delicate feeling, can well show the gentle temperament on the girl, as if with its own soft light effect, more petite and cute.

This shirt is made of silk stretch satin, very wide, those who like to wear very loose clothes can choose this one, the cuffs are horseshoe sleeves, the buttons are natural shell buttons, the matching silk ribbon, and the bottom is a black suit skirt, which looks good.

This set of knitwear is really worth learning, thin blue knitwear, both sexy and sunny and just right to increase the proportion of the waistline, killing two birds with one stone. Simple style, girls with some flesh on the upper body can control it! Wear a pair of high-waisted denim mop pants underneath, so that your legs are instantly lengthened, and at first glance, you will have a sense of “all legs under the waist”.

This light blue doll-necked loose quarter-sleeved shirt paired with a pair of black shorts will bring you back to the old days.

This taupe shirt skirt is a more temperamental clothing, and the long shirt skirt is particularly gentle to wear, with a pair of off-white square heels, tall and very intellectual.

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