High boots are the main footwear of beautiful women in autumn and winter. High boots come in various styles, from the material, there are genuine and non-genuine leather; From the height of the boots, there are over-the-knee and non-over-the-knee ones; From the heel style, there are flat soles and high heels; In the category of high heels, there are middle heels, high heels, super high heels, and thick heels, thin heels, and wedge heels. As a beauty, when faced with flat boots and boots with high heels, how would you choose? Generally speaking, shoes with heels have a very significant boost when worn, so those who can wear high heels try to wear high heels. Moreover, there are many types of high-heeled boots, some of which are still very acceptable to wear, and can even be described as comfortable. More importantly, he wore high boots with heels, which played a very good role in shaping the temperament image. This beauty, choose black patent leather high boots, the boots are block heeled design, not only to enhance the height of the figure, but also comfortable to wear.


3. The high boots chosen by these two beauties are ultra-thin and ultra-high heels, which are also very cutting-edge shoes, which is very eye-opening. Wearing such shoes, the effect will definitely blow up the street. The high boots chosen by the beauty not only have a heel of more than 10 cm, but also the boot is still above knee height, which is very challenging. In fact, the boots chosen by the beauty are not as difficult to wear as imagined, these two pairs of boots are with inner water table, and the overall sole is raised, so the beauty will not be particularly hard to control the pointed and thin heel of more than 10 centimeters. The beauty with a pony tail, wearing a pale pink cashmere jumper, a light gray plush coat, and super high black lambskin delicate high-heeled boots, the beauty is really fashionable.



6. Compared with the high boots with ultra-thin and ultra-high heels, the high boots chosen by these three beauties are also considered high heels, but they are much more comfortable and safe to wear. This style, for ordinary people, is more acceptable. A beautiful woman wearing a maple tweed coat and a blue bag, her boots of choice are block heels with raised soles. This is the style with the largest safety factor, the thickened sole and the thick heel combination, the maximum area of the grip effect, which makes the beauty feel like walking on the ground, the height increase is indeed very obvious. The brown suede makes the boots very low-key, and the combination with the coat highlights the elegance, this combination is really a lot of wonders. A beautiful woman in a fuchsia velvet dress, she chose high boots on wedge heels, so that she could increase her figure and temperament, and she could walk without getting tired.



9. The high boots chosen by these beauties have a mid-heel, low-heeled and small stiletto heel. Although the height is not very high, it is also a non-flat heeled boot. For “a little height is brilliant” high boots, beautiful women wearing it this way will also have a very good effect. The beauty in a leather skirt and sweater, the high boots she chose, at the junction of the upper and the high heel, were cut off a notch, so as to create a feeling of dangling, which is undoubtedly a very eye-catching attraction. The beauty wearing a fuchsia jacket and blue jeans chose black matte velvet over-the-knee boots, the boots are a mid-heel design, the mid-heel is a slim design, shrunk in a circle, this design, so that the boots highlight the lightness, but still maintain the stability of the thick heel. Beauty wearing white knee-length boots, the high heel of the boots is a thin little heel, the bottom of the heel, and a special curve angle, making the boots full of art and adding color to the matching of beautiful women.