Shirts are a must-have item for many female friends, shirts are more malleable, whether it is sweet salt can wear their own style. Regarding shirts, it is very important to choose the right fabric, although the cotton shirts we usually wear are very absorbent, easy to wear and well taken care of, but in the hot summer, cotton shirts are obviously not thin enough.

Don’t worry, today Xiaomei will introduce you to 4 shirts of fabrics, light and breathable, bringing people extreme cool dryness, which is simply the best choice for summer wear.

The first one: chiffon

Advantages of chiffon fabric: light and breathable, soft and flowing, wear-resistant, good elasticity, not easy to fold

Wearing method 1: purple chiffon shirt + white short skirt

Chiffon shirts are perfect for summer, and wearing a light and breathable chiffon shirt on a hot summer day will refresh the whole person. Sun Yi’s purple chiffon shirt has a doll collar design at the neckline and a tie-up flashing closure design at the two sleeves, which is full of age-reduction. The streamer at the neck adds a bit of fairy air to the overall match, and wearing this shirt is simply a fairy fairy!

Wearing method 2: white chiffon shirt + pleated skirt

Don’t want to go to the sweet style, but try this pure white chiffon shirt on He Sui, without too much decoration, V-shaped neckline and slim fit, the graceful figure is perfectly displayed, the lower body is matched with a white pleated skirt, the material is clear and covers the flesh, the white shade of the shirt and the pleated skirt has an obvious transition, and the matching looks more layered. Keep it soft and stylish at both ends of the commute.

Wearing method 3: White chiffon shirt + black tapered pants

The white chiffon shirt with a round neck has no obvious sense of professionalism, it is a little softer, and the middle is a slim design, and the sleeves are looser, which can well cover the fat on the arms, and the design is full of sense. The black tapered pants that tucked the top into the lower body shape the small man’s waist while showing the “golden ratio” of the short upper body and the lower body length. Wear black sunglasses to show off your powerful aura, and wear it safely for commuting.

The second one: linen shirts

Advantages of linen fabric: good moisture absorption, good heat dissipation effect, cool and dry, soft and breathable

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, not very easy to take care of

Wearing method 1: White linen shirt + flesh pink vest

The linen material itself has a dry and breathable effect, and the white is pure and refreshing, and the combination of the two is very suitable for the hot summer, heat dissipation and breathability, cool and relieving heat. We can wear a mid-length white linen shirt, using the “missing underwear” wearing method, revealing a good figure and cool and comfortable, and wearing a fleshy pink vest to reduce mediocrity and add a sense of fashion.

Wearing method 2: linen shirt + black leggings

Khaki is one of the earthy colors, close to nature and very daily. Yuan Quan’s pure khaki linen shirt, seemingly without highlights, plain, with black leggings out of the minimalist style, wearing versatile little white shoes, the whole body color is no more than three, the most cumbersome fashion back to the simplest look, simple and extraordinary, eye-catching and attractive.

The third one: a micro-transparent shirt

Micro-transparent shirt refers to a thin layer of gauze clothes, light and very cool, good breathability, the visual effect is “looming”, giving people a feeling

The beauty of wanting to resist and welcome

Wearing method 1: Black polka-dot slightly transparent shirt + jeans

Xu Lu’s black polka-dot sheer shirt has a large low neckline design at the neckline, and the short shirt just shows the navel, bringing a little sexiness. The two-sleeve design faintly shows off the slender arm line, giving the whole an ambience of confusion, and the pair of jeans shows a tight figure and full of charm.

Wearing method 2: suit + micro-transparent shirt + wide-leg pants

The micro-transparent shirt is a display of sexiness and gentleness, and with a tough suit, it can achieve a feminine balance and bring a bit of casual atmosphere. A black shirt inside, as a base does not need too much decoration, the outside is a small black suit, the silhouette style, and the high-waisted wide-leg pants on the lower body are more covered and thin.

Fourth: silk shirt

The silk fabric feels smooth in the hand, the silk fabric is comfortable and breathable, not easy to wrinkle, easy to take care of, and the upper body is very cool; The surface is shiny and it is one

It’s very textured

of fabrics!

Wearing method 1: light yellow silk shirt + pleated long skirt

The silk fabric has a glossy feel, and the upper body is more advanced. Light yellow is gentle and elegant, with the cut of the V-neck, creating a good-looking “swan neck”, which is more temperamental. The lower body is paired with a light khaki pleated long skirt, which looks softer in color and the overall style is intellectually mature. The high-waisted waist design also shows the perfect body proportions, so that it is perfect for work, dinners, and regular meetings.

Wearing method 2: golden yellow silk shirt + white tapered pants

The luster of the silk fabric is enhanced by the shiny golden yellow. The retracted design on the chest presents an inverted V style, revealing the small waist and full of design. The sleeves are long and contrasting in the middle, making the limbs slimmer. The streamer design on the two sleeves of the chest adds a bit of playfulness and is very age-reasing. Paired with white tapered pants, it brings the same high saturation visual impact, foreign and fashionable.

With tips:

1. When the whole body is one color, it will look rigid and dull, and when matching shoes, hats, and bags, you can choose bright colors with a large span to play a role in embellishment and brightening.

2. “Missing underwear” is the simplest and most fashionable way to wear in summer, the top uses a shirt or T-shirt that is over the hip, and the lower body wears a pair of super shorts, which looks like no pants, suitable for girls of any size, refreshing and age-reducing.

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