Beijing News (Reporter Qu Xiaoyi) The temperature has dropped, and down jackets are becoming more and more important. In the wardrobe of Gen Z, down jackets are not only functional clothing, but also a sign of individuality and trendiness. This winter, down jacket designs are younger and more diverse, the most obvious change is the fabric, the design is fantastic, exaggerated, oversized become the keyword. In addition, in the national trend down jacket, the breakthrough trench coat design and Winter Olympic elements are the biggest highlights.

The more exaggerated, the more fashionable, luxury brands mainly promote “oversized” down jackets

Oversized is the key word for this winter down jacket, the more exaggerated, the more fashionable. Many brands take inspiration from oversized puffy jackets from the ’80s and cocoon-shaped coats from the ’90s, with geometric patterns, candy colours, and panels that combine vintage and modern designs.

For example, Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2021 collection, in addition to oversized down jackets as the protagonist, also launched one-piece down jackets and wide-leg down pants. Unexpectedly, the “cotton pajamas” worn by the aunts were transformed into fashionable down jackets here in Miu Miu. However, fashionable you should choose this fat down jacket, the secret of wearing is the pink color. Sky blue, pink purple, grass green, light pink, goose yellow and other lively colors, not only warm and light, but also with a girly atmosphere.

In addition, ChloĆ©’s new highlights this season are frequent, with creative director Gabriela Hearst mixing and matching hand-woven ponchos with down jackets for a sense of design; Loewe’s silhouette incorporates irregular hems and colored lines; The GIVENCHY Fall/Winter 2021 down jacket jacket is also cool, finding a balance between oversized silhouettes and cropped pieces, with a free-spirited temperament, classic black combining feminine femininity with masculine hardness. In addition to down jackets, various down items, such as down scarves, down bags, down gloves, and down skirts, have become popular items this season.

The national trend down jacket has a different way, and the trench coat design and Winter Olympics elements are the highlights

The down jacket of the national chao brand did not completely follow the international trend, but in the original design, out of its own style, windbreaker style down jacket and Winter Olympic elements became highlights.

In the trend of oversized down jackets, Bosideng’s pioneering “trench coat down jacket” is eye-catching. It is reported that the design is led by Bosideng creative research and development director and famous Italian designer Pietro Ferragina, who has worked for Armani, Versace, Prada and other luxury brands, “prepared for two years, drew more than 150 design drafts, overturned 80 times in each process of design, filling and material selection, and did 100 tests and trials.” This trench coat down jacket does not add a “down layer” on the basis of the trench coat, but integrates the trench coat and down jacket, retains the classic design of the British trench coat such as the belt and the back wind shield, so the chest, hips, and back are completely different, and at the same time uses the “princess line” of the Italian haute couture dress to make the down jacket reflect the elegance of formal wear and is more suitable for Asian body shapes.


With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics approaching, the Winter Olympics have also become the keyword of this winter. ANTA became the clothing partner of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games, and launched the Chinese landscape element Winter Olympic uniform, the designer took “mountains and rivers reflecting the sunrise” and “rivers and mountains in early spring” as the design concept, “distant mountains” became the main pattern of this design – mainly based on the image of snow mountains, white and gray blending, with red, blue, black, forming a layered visual effect, which is full of Chinese style and makes the clothing style become trendy. In addition, the down jacket of the national flag of the Winter Olympics licensed commodity has also become a popular model this season. This series of down jackets has a classic design, with red, black and white colors, using waterproof and breathable, oil-proof and anti-fouling technology, and using the same heat return technology as the Beijing Winter Olympics uniforms and equipment, which reduces the body’s heat emission by reflecting the body’s body temperature.

In line with Gen Z’s preference for street style, whimsy and sustainability are the way of the future

Senior fashion professional Liu Yu said that the future development of down jackets will further break through functionality and emphasize design. “It can be said that the down jacket is very suitable for the street style preferred by the current Generation Z, and the breakthrough of fabric, cut and detail decoration is extremely strong.” He believes that in the next few years, the design of down jackets will be more bold, imaginary and futuristic.

For example, French luxury down jacket brand Moncler Genius recently invited 11 designers to collaborate on the launch of new models in 2022, the most notable of which is Chinese designer Ding Yun Zhang. After graduating from Central Saint Martins, the up-and-coming designer became a member of the famous fashion brand Yeezy’s design team, and was very popular in the fashion industry. It is understood that in this down jacket series, he is inspired by the underwater sculpture of the famous British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, with exaggerated designs, adding openwork and fur elements, full of whimsy, like a magical future world.

In addition, sustainable development is also one of the trends of down jackets in the future. Prada’s new fall/winter collection features a makeover fabric made from its signature black recycled nylon with a loose design that showcases the perfect blend of vintage and futuristic, sporty and elegant. Italian brand Bacon has launched a collection of sustainable capsules, with 7 pieces made from the green textile Seaqual. In addition, since last year, Uniqlo has launched the Re.Uniqlo recycling program, the first product is a V-neck down jacket made from 100% recycled materials.

Beijing News reporter Qu Xiaoyi

Edited by Li Zheng Proofread by Wei Zhuo