A woman’s love of beauty is always self-evident. From clothes piled up in wardrobes to a wide range of cosmetics. can add brilliance to a woman’s beauty, and if you want your style and temperament to be more outstanding in winter, then you must wear your own taste.

The cultivation of temperament taste is not achieved overnight. Over the years, your inner temperament gradually develops. In the continuous aesthetic improvement, your external taste becomes more and more perfect. The autumn and winter seasons are even more testing clothes. Therefore, no matter how tall, short, fat or thin, a woman should have a “skirt”, 8 sets of matching formulas, who wears who looks good.

01. Short leather skirt + long coat + high boots

Whether you are tall and slender, or a little chunky, you can try the combination of leather booties + long coat + high boots. The leather boots are handsome and dashing, with a strong personality, which can be used for commuting and leisure, and the temperament is more versatile. Long coats are handsome, high boots are cool and fashionable, and they are naturally versatile items in winter.

Tall or short, even if you choose the same matching formula, there are certain changes in details. Tall and thin girls, you can choose light colors as much as possible to show the gentle and elegant beauty. The short and fat girl, the inner layer is mainly dark as much as possible, compresses the proportion of the eye, and looks thinner.

02. Straight denim skirt + down short jacket + medium socks

The denim skirt is a more casual and fashionable skirt, and the straight cut has a stronger degree of tolerance. Whether it is a tall girl or a short girl, you can choose a straight-leg denim skirt of your own. The denim skirt is more dark blue, and the temperament is restrained and cold.

Tall and thin girls, on top of the dark underwear, can be combined with an elegant and fresh light-colored down jacket, the short fit outlines the high waistline, and the thin figure is overflowing. The short and fat girl can combine a dark down jacket jacket to reduce the sense of visual swelling and make it taller.

03. Long denim skirt + lamb wool coat

Short skirts in autumn and winter, although they are more fashionable and show long legs, there is always the embarrassment of insufficient tolerance. If your calves are not so slender and straight, it is still recommended that you choose a long skirt. The denim skirt has a particularly strong drape and a very correct shape, which is a good match.

The long denim skirt can be combined with a handsome and warm lamb wool coat, which is both gentle and generous. Tall and thin girls can choose a straight long denim skirt, and their body is more slender. Slightly fat girls, on the other hand, can choose an A-line skirt, which is more inclusive.

04, pleated long skirt + blazer

Skirts in winter will naturally be more versatile and comfortable. The pleated elements, romantic and sweet, integrate the gentle temperament of women into it, becoming the most soft and elegant match. The soft pleated skirt and the neat and handsome suit combination add more high-class elegance.

The gentleness and romance of women, the courage and coolness, can be expressed in the outline of pleated skirts and blazers. Tall girls can choose adjacent color underwear, while short girls recommend choosing the same color underwear, especially dark underwear, which looks thin and fashionable.

05. Umbrella skirt + mid-length coat

The umbrella skirt is actually a kind of A-line skirt, but the skirt will be more fat and exaggerated, elegant and calm with more romantic posture. Umbrella skirts in autumn and winter are more dark and warm. Warm colors are more atmospheric, dark colors are more versatile and thinner.

Black, gray, are classic and versatile colors. Coffee color, brown color, caramel color, brick red, are all warm colors with a sense of warmth. The umbrella skirt combination mid-length coat, elegant and generous, stronger taste, is an elegant and generous outfit.

06. Straight long skirt + sweatshirt

A group of more casual outfits are also very age-reducing styles, integrating casual style with girlishness to become a more age-reducing outfit. Playful and lively outfits can enhance the fashion index and create a more casual and artistic atmosphere.

The combination of sweatshirt and straight skirt, inclusiveness is also particularly strong, want to be higher, you can tuck the sweatshirt into the skirt, the method of stuffing the corner is fashionable and delicate, naturally enhance the waistline, and it is also a more fashionable and high match.

07, denim A-line short skirt + sports top

Denim A-line skirt is a relatively age-reducing and fashionable outfit, denim skirt with youthful vitality, the upper body effect is very young. The sporty top, with a lively and playful feeling, a college wind rushes to the face.

Sport tops and denim A-line skirts look like two styles that are not compatible. But this mix-and-match mode will give you more expectations and make your outfit more personal. Combine a pair of canvas shoes, playful and delicate, age-reducing and good-looking.

08, checked long skirt + vintage top

Who doesn’t love a dress with a sense of style? Whether you are tall or short, you can try an elegant retro look. The straight-leg checked skirt is more elegant and generous, and the high-waisted style is casual and comfortable, combined with a vintage top, which is more atmospheric.

Small girls or slightly chubby girls can choose a more colorful combination. For example, the high-waisted checked long skirt uses a contrasting color match to highlight a more eye-catching effect. Combine a retro-inspired top for a high-end taste.

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