The little princess’s love affection is not leather shoes, look at the decorations that match the leather shoes, or cute or sweet, but also follow the pace of the trend, showing their unique personality, no matter which one, elegant temperament will not be lacking.

The gorgeous leather shoe decoration exudes a dazzling light, paired with a gorgeous and exquisite princess dress, a little princess who came out of the fairy tale castle, the whole body exudes a noble and elegant temperament, which makes people unable to take their eyes off.

— ❶ —

The bow decoration is sweeter

The elements of the bow are widely used in the little princess’s items, so leather shoes must not give up this element that reveals a sweet atmosphere. The big bow adorns the upper, making the feet look small and cute.

Bows can be decorated in various places of the shoe, whether it is an oversized bow on the upper, or it can be decorated on the back of the heel, of course, it can also be a mini bow decorated on the laces, highlighting a more delicate and cute appearance.

— ❷ —

The flower decoration is full of life

As a decorative element, in addition to bows, the decoration of flowers is also loved by little princesses. The very brilliant flowers decorate the upper, and the flowers are made very realistically and vividly, as if butterflies will stop on them in the next second.

In addition to the very plump flowers made from fabric leather, the designer captured the little princesses’ desire to become shiny and dazzling, and used the crystal flowers made from crystal to decorate the upper of the shoe to become more radiant.

— ❸ —

The Roman style is full of personality

Leather shoes can not only change its decorations, the style can also follow the trend and change, the traditional leather shoes for improved production, the style into Roman shoes, with straps for decoration, will not lose the sense of nobility and increase the sense of fashion.

Roman shoes use elements ranging from delicate straps to textured and handsome studs. And the color of the shoes is also very beautiful, and with the metal studs, it adds a shiny effect and attracts the eyes of passers-by.

— ❹ —

Ballet dancer elegance

Among the popular shoes, there is a style of lace and ballet shoes, which shows a full of elegance. Ballet itself is an elegant dance, and the little princess wears ballet-style leather shoes, exuding a noble and elegant temperament from top to bottom.

The most classic thing about ballet shoes is its straps, like silk-like straps wrapped around the ankle, and even according to the little princess’s own preferences to make the design of the straps, it can not only show the slenderness of the ankle, but also more sweet and charming.

The little princess is elegant and charming from head to toe, and the choice of shoes cannot lose its elegant temperament.