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#Life has temperature#

#Winter Life Season#

Winter warm items range from complex and heavy, to light and simple, and the form of clothing can be adjusted according to temperature changes, and the practicality of the vest is better than other types of items in terms of temperature suitability.

The down vest protects the main part of the body and improves the warmth of the dress, while the sleeve part is omitted for a simpler look. But simplicity does not mean that the down vest is not fashionable enough, and designs such as shoulder design or fabric can play a role in optimizing style.

The design of the down vest is strong, the style, thickness difference is obvious, and its matching is also a lot of attention, fully analyze these aspects of the problem, you can make the outfit look more temperamental.

The wearing skills of the down vest are not difficult, from young people to middle-aged and elderly people, you can master it. The down vest is really a hidden “king”, sweaters and shirts can be matched, and it is really beautiful to wear in winter. The down vest is also too good to wear, thirty or forty years old casually matched, wear it is really “peerless”.

Style type of down vest

Fitted down vest

Whether the vest fits depends on the design of the shoulder position,

The vest is wide at the shoulders

If it is the same as the actual shoulder width or slightly narrower than the actual shoulder width, it will show a fitting effect and the dress will appear neat.

Fitted down vest design


Low profile

, and the design effect of traditional vests is similar, but with the addition of down, the warmth effect is better than knitted vests or leather vests, and there are strong advantages in practicality.

Broad-shouldered down vest

Wide shoulder down vest with

Oversized wind

The design matches, the width of the shoulders is increased, and the outfit looks more neutral charm and trendy personality.

Shoulder extension can cover


, the figure will not be fully revealed, the outfit is full of mystery, and the matching looks very distinctive. The wide-shouldered down vest also expands the matching space, and the heavy pieces can also be combined with the vest.

Thin and thick design of a down vest

Thin down vest

With the improvement of women’s requirements for dress comfort, the design of down clothing has also begun to move


In the direction of development, the light vest takes up less space and can be worn with other coats


If the light vest is wider, you can match it with a thicker one in the light vest

Or is it

Multi-layered pieces

, This way of dressing is not cumbersome, but also can show a super practical effect.

Fluffy down vest

The design of the fluffy down vest is the same as that of a regular down jacket, the surface of the clothing is bulging, and it looks thicker, but it is not heavy, down


It can also be revealed.

Intuitively, fluffy down vests keep warm better than thin ones. A fluffy down vest goes well with it

Narrow leg pants

Straight-leg pants

, the upper and lower styles match generously, will not appear fat.

A combination of down vests

Down vest with sweatshirt

The down vest can be worn with a sweatshirt, which is one of the fashionable and trendy outfits, loose in style, rich in color, and available in winter

With fleece

The sweatshirt, directly with the down vest can ensure the comfort and warmth of wearing.

There are also many colors of sweatshirts, which are suitable for matching

Solid color vest

To wear, the color combination is fashionable and advanced, which can make the wear full of vitality and temperament, and the sense of age reduction of this matching is obvious.

Down vest with shirt

The shirt is relatively thin and has


The characteristics of the down vest combined with the down vest show practicality


, can also show the casuality and characteristics of the outfit.

Shirts can be paired with a down vest alone

Layer knitwear

, the effect of combining down vests is more advanced, rich in layers and fashionable.

Down vest with sweater

Sweaters are a common fashion item in winter, and stacked with a down vest will not look deserted, which can ensure warmth and comfort. Both sweaters and down vests are available

Solid color style

, the combination is stylish and stylish.

The down vest exposes the arms and collar, so it can be matched

High neck



The design is very special style, which increases the trend appeal of matching.

Bottoms for down vests

Down vest with wide-leg trousers

Down vests can be matched

Wide-leg pants

To wear, in this case, it is best to choose high-waisted wide-leg pants, and the vest is worn open, such a combination can highlight the advantages of each part and ensure the effective presentation of the image charm.

In this combination, both tops and bottoms are expressed

Loose feeling

, the advantages of dressing are distinct, the combination and matching effect is fashionable and casual, and it will be very good to wear it in the workplace.

Down vest with leg trousers

Leg pants can show the figure, so the body requirements are high, and the slender and straight leg shape is more suitable for wearing


, When matching the vest, you can choose a longer down vest to cover the waist and crotch position, so that the image charm is optimized.

In this combination, the top is best not too wide, tight or slim wear can improve the overall matching


, make the outfit attractive and attractive.

The down vest has a temperature and can also ensure the demeanor of dressing, women of all ages can choose this type of matching, with personalized clothing to highlight the temperament, express the charm and temperament of dressing.

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