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Helmet brother has recommended several electric four-wheeled vehicles with canopies before, which have been welcomed by many owners, but many owners have feedback: the recommended electric four-wheeled vehicles are too expensive for the elderly to afford.

Then today’s tricycle news recommends several electric small tricycles with canopies, the price is less than 5,000 yuan, the cost performance is very high, picking up babies, buying vegetables, and carrying goods are very suitable. Let’s take a look, is there a small tricycle with a canopy that you like?

Paragraph 1: Minibus H200

The appearance of this model is still quite simple, the standard two-row three-seat design, eye-catching red paint with the round headlight design of the front face, the left and right side turn signal design, in addition to the front windshield + aluminum alloy canopy design, can resist the summer sun and rain, riding more comfortable than ordinary small three-wheels, can be won within 5,000 yuan.

The core configuration of the entire tricycle is still quite high, 650W differential motor, strong power, can cope with a variety of complex road conditions; The battery life is equipped with a 60V20AH lead-acid battery, which can effectively achieve a cruising range of 70-80 kilometers on a single charge.

In addition, this car is also quite good in other configurations, high-strength shock spring design, safety and stability is very high; Vacuum tires, safe and explosion-proof, strong grip; Multiple braking system, anti-lock braking function can achieve rapid response; There are also multiple brakes, one-button start, intelligent anti-theft, multimedia audio and video and other configurations to help car owners travel.

Paragraph 2: Phoenix passenger and cargo version

Compared with the small bus H200, the design of this model is more simple, and the through-type headlights are matched with eye-catching red paint, which has a strong sense of visual impact; The whole model is a standard passenger and cargo two-row three-seater model, the rear seat has a clamshell compartment, can carry goods, the practicality is very high, within 5000 can be taken.

Looking at the core configuration, the motor configuration of this model is 500W motor power, energy saving, low noise, climbing force is also quite strong, can meet the owner’s daily travel; The battery is equipped with a 60V20AH battery, and the cruising range reaches 60-70 kilometers on a single charge.

In addition, this model is equipped with three brake systems, handbrake, foot brake, and parking brake, with sensitive brakes to cope with various road conditions; Explosion-proof vacuum tires, widened and thickened, not afraid of tyres; Coupled with the zirconium alloy canopy exclusively developed by Phoenix Tricycle, it shelters from wind and rain, which is especially suitable for car owners to travel in summer.

Paragraph 3: Dragon Walk with canopy tricycle

This model is different from the other two models, this model is smaller, the overall appearance is also very high, using a very bright blue paint, with high brightness LED headlight design, the same, this model also has an integrated canopy, shelter and rain, suitable for the elderly in summer to pick up the baby travel, within 5000 can also start.

Secondly, look at the core configuration, the configuration of this model is not high, 400W motor power, for this small volume tricycle is completely enough on the road; The battery uses a 48V12AH lead-acid battery, which can reach 50-60 kilometers on a single charge.

In addition, this model has other configurations, and there are basically some configurations, such as the brake configuration of double disc brakes, which is more convenient to brake; Parking lock car configuration to prevent vehicle theft; Explosion-proof vacuum tires, able to cope with unexpected situations; Spacious storage compartment for debris or helmet lamp items.

With its own canopy, can be on the card, these three small three-wheelers are coming, the price is less than 5,000 yuan, suitable for the elderly, what do you think? Welcome to leave a message.