The classic element of classic Linger has always been favored, and today I will introduce you to a Caslo Golden Pearl Linger small fragrance bag. This bag has a particularly high appearance, complex but regular interlaced diamonds, with textured calfskin, and a small golden ball with connotation, which brings the finishing touch to the bag, which is really a high-value bag with both decoration and practicality.

Carved small golden balls

The surface of the small golden ball has a three-dimensional diamond check pattern, and the logo of the four-leaf flower is embossed on it, highlighting the rich retro style and full of gorgeousness. With a single touch, you can adjust the chain length you want to meet the needs of different body shapes, giving the bag different styles and personalities.

Napa County pristine premium calf leather

This bag is made from Napa County’s original high-quality calf leather, made by traditional Italian leather making technology, the color is transparent and natural, and the leather is soft and delicate and elastic. The space is simple and clear, and it is a practical storage type bag that easily meets the needs of everyday life. In addition, it is also filled with a high density sponge, using ultra-soft skin feeling nappa cowhide, and a high elastic sponge filling with a thickness of up to 2mm, making the body more full and three-dimensional, soft and skin-friendly.

Electroplated hardware design

ZIPPER multi-layer electroplated hardware design, not easy to fade and wear, firm texture, smooth and wear-resistant. The neat and uniform sewing technology, each stitch is from the craftsman’s skillful handicraft, so that the whole bag reveals an elegant temperament. The leather and hardware intertwined chain strap is delicately stitched without fading, not easy to scratch, and the shine lasts like new. Humanized design rear slip pocket design, with intimate snaps, can put car cards, door cards and other small items, convenient and beautiful.