Lover’s heart is everyone’s own, which girl likes to wear beautiful clothes, we go out in the summer not only to wear our favorite beautiful skirt, but also to carry their favorite bag, but if the summer bag is carried too big, it will look very ugly, if the back is too small, it will not fit many items, I am very entangled, just when I was entangled, my girlfriend happened to recommend me a shoulder bag of the European brand, not only the style is good-looking, but also the color is also very eye-catching Oh, the first time I saw it , is the style I like. Not much introduction! Let’s take you to see this bag I bought!

When I first bought this bag, I liked its high-value appearance, the front of the bag is designed with a shining star, delicate and shiny, shining with dazzling light, dreamy and charming, and it is very eye-catching on the back. The front of the body is also equipped with deer antler gold tassels, which show the cascading hanging of gold tassels, which coexist with luster and spirit, with a touch of style.

The fashionable style, whether it is worn with skirts or casual clothes, is very versatile, and also adopts a classic black body design, which is simple and more versatile on the back. In addition, the inside of the bag is also very large, with multiple compartments, which can store mobile phones, umbrellas, powder, hand cream, lipstick lipstick, 3 cards, etc., the bag is beautiful and can fit to meet your storage needs.

The details are designed very intimately, using hardware double magnetic buckle, strong magnetism, accurate hole position, more convenient to use. The geometric design of the hardware puller, the color is dazzling, and the back can highlight the simple atmosphere. It also adopts an adjustable shoulder strap design, a perforated adjustment buckle, and adjustable shoulder strap length, which is friendly to girls of different heights.

A shoulder bag that I like very much, if you are also ready to buy a bag, then, after reading my sharing, hurry up and plant it. Not only is it good-looking, but he also wears a variety of different styles of clothing on his back.