The child is half a year old when he speaks, and he knows that it is not easy to raise children and raise daughters when he is a mother. Exclusive breastfeeding, already 10 kg, should be considered fat. Because of exclusive breastfeeding, diapers are consumed relatively quickly, grow quickly, and the frequency of replacement is relatively high, so I specially explain it. Take advantage of the child’s nap, share the experience of being a mother and fighting with her “uproar” and “smelly” for your reference.

(Added a pair of glasses to the girl’s picture to avoid theft~)

Many elders like to use diapers, and I would like to say different opinions. Let’s start with that

Traditional diapers. The girl has always worn diapers, not a traditional diaper, nor open pants

。 Although my mother-in-law brought a lot of diapers, I touched the waterproof diaper pocket and threw it aside… The advantage is that it looks cheaper. It is said that there are many types of diapers, cotton mosquito net cloth, it is said to be breathable, and the baby will not have a red butt. But the individual does not think that the kind of plastic that pees step can be more breathable, all kinds of penetration and various leaks, so the baby will cry when he poops. My family has no confinement sister-in-law and no nanny, my mother-in-law and mother-in-law have left after confinement, and one person really can’t wash off so many diapers, plus there is a lot of rain in autumn and winter, and it is difficult to dry. (In fact, no one ever taught me how to use it…) )

The most important thing for the baby is sleep, and I personally think that diapers strongly affect the baby’s sleep quality and affect the baby’s development

The picture above is a used diaper,

It’s all M

, from left to right and top to bottom, respectively

King Angel, Kao, Mony (new version), Hong Kong version Platinum Pampers (old version)

。 The Platinum Gang was sent by a friend. It is also said that the Hong Kong version is slightly better than the mainland version, and I personally do not accept it.

Softness: King Angel>MOONY> Kao >> Platinum Gang

Size: King Angel> Kao> MO0NY> Platinum Gang

Recommended Degree: Kao ≥ MONNY> King Angel >>> Platinum Gang

————GOO. N King Angel Series————

Hermes, known as the diaper industry, is the most expensive diaper ever bought. And of course the quality is also the best of all diapers! Less and much more expensive than diapers of the same specification. It is usually used for babies to take naps and sleep long at night.

GOO. N Japan Daio Angel series diaper M46 Daio diaper


Tmall Mall go and take a look

Note: Varies with market prices, and offers displayed on the page are only representative of the time of publication.


1. Soft, really soft, really angelic soft! The softest and most comfortable of all diapers!

2. Among the diapers of the same model, the angel is the largest.

3. Fast absorption! The absorption amount is about the same as Kao, but it can be used at night.

4, breathable is very good, the longest time the baby sleeps at night for 10 consecutive hours, the butt is not red, very magical.



[Suggestions for use]: In the middle and late stages of each stage, go out, and use at night.

————Kao ————

Babies are Kao from birth.

It is said that it is divided into manufacturers and markers, and the landlord’s powder label, green label, white label, and no label have all been used, and my personal feeling is: the difference is not particularly big

。 It is said that there are many fakes, and I don’t seem to have bought particularly bad ones.

Personally, the most recommended is Kao

Japanese Kao Merries Diaper M (M) 64


I usually only buy diapers in Amazon China, and Tmall flagship stores, after all, the quality of things for children is still the most important. The current price is not very good, and the 18 yuan shipping fee is too pitted. If it’s not urgent, I usually only buy it if there is a full discount or free shipping campaign.

1. Softness, fast absorption, good absorption, dry and breathable, rarely red fart. Can be used at night.

2. The same size is a little larger than MOONY, and fat babies can last longer than other brands of diapers.

3. The front waist is not elasticated, there will be no strangulation marks, which may be more comfortable for the baby?

4. The urine line is clearer than the MONY display bar.

1. Everyone says it’s more expensive. In fact, I personally feel that I go to restaurants a few times a month and buy a few less clothes, and the money will come.

2. The back waist of the NB is not elasticated, which is easy to leak. The M code does not have this problem in the first place.

[Suggestions for use]: After No. M, it can be used all day at all stages.

————MOONY ————

I have always heard that MONY is cheaper than Kao and the quality is similar to Kao, so I bought it and tried it. The difference between the two is the difference in size, waist circumference and softness and pattern, which is a difference in preference.

Recently, the new packaging (blue-pink) Uniga seems to have regressed a bit

Japan Original Imported Diaper Unika Moony Baby Diaper M6…


1. The dryness and breathability and absorption amount are similar to Kao.

2. Personally, I feel that the softness of MONY is slightly higher than that of Kao.

3. The same yardage is a little smaller than Kao, generally I use it for the transition stage.

4. It is characterized by the front and rear waist circumference, which is a little closer than Kao. It is said that the NB has a cord guard and will be better than Kao.

5. The special price is cheaper than Kao.

1. There is bulging phenomenon.

2. The newly packaged MOONY urine output is not clear, and there is no indication of excessive urine.

[Suggestions for use]: NB number, S number and the early stage of each stage, go out, use at night.


Pampers Premium Cotton Soft Series

I feel that the diapers that are the most fierce in advertising are really attractive from TV, and I heard that I have also cooperated with many hospitals and are doing trial activities. I thought it was good until I opened that pack of platinum gangs… I used that bag or a friend brought back from Hong Kong, it is said that Hong Kong goods are better than mainland licensed goods, the same is not good! Serious no! (It is said that in order to save costs, a large number of Pampers have not been of good quality recently…) )

【New Upgrade Special Grade Cotton Soft】Pampers Diaper M size 56 pieces Baby…


1. Frequent sightings of specials and events.

2. I heard that the new packaging can have the quality of Kao and Unica.

3. When the urine output is small, it is relatively dry. Good waist elasticity.

Old packaging disadvantages:

1. Strong and breathable. The amount of absorption is not large. Only dare to use it daily. One day I forgot to change, and the baby’s butt was suffocated and wrinkled in less than 4 hours! Not for half a day! Heartache to death!

2. Hard! The waist circumference is especially hard! The waist patch is especially hard!

3. Drum kit! All in all, 4 worst types have ever been used!

【Suggestions for use】After pooping (because occasionally it will pull another lump in a short time…) ), the time of waking pee during the day (change every 3 hours), within 2 hours before bathing. Not recommended for use when going out and at night.

——GOO. N Daio Japan original imported pull-up pants


GOO. N King Baby Pull-up Pants Growth Pants Toddler Pants XXL28…


1. Waist elastic MAX, very close to the belly, small belly protection is very good. Crawling and crawling will not fall apart, nor will it leak sideways, nor will it be crooked. Good breathability, no red PP.

2. Gender-specific, directional.

1. It is not more inconvenient to put on and take off. Especially if the baby cannot stand, it is difficult to take off while lying down. The side is not as good as Kao, and when the amount is large, it can only be cut and wiped clean with scissors and replaced with a new diaper;

2. GOON’s pull-up pants seem to absorb less than Kao.

– Merries Kao pull-up pants –

Japanese Kao Merries Toddler Pants Large (L) 44

With the king, the waist elastic MAX+ fits the belly MAX, and the small belly protection is very good. Crawling and crawling will not fall apart, nor will it leak sideways, nor will it be crooked. Will not red PP. It seems to be better than the absorption amount of Dawang. The sides can be torn open, and it is slightly easier to replace.

Regardless of gender, it may not be as useful for babies who have learned to defecate.

Summary of pull-up pants –

1. It is not very convenient for lying babies to put on and take off pull-up pants, and there is a sudden crisis of the baby peeing/pooping in the process of taking off and putting them on, which is easy to get dirty. Pull-ups feel like babies who should be [learning] or “have learned to poop on their own, but occasionally “make mistakes”].

2. Dawang’s pull-up pants are used by boys and girls, but Kao does not. Boys concentrate on front absorption, while girls focus on the middle. Babies who have just learned to roll over/crawl are actually lying on their stomachs most of the time, so urine will always collect in front. So babies in the crawling/tummy phase don’t have to be gender-specific. Gender-specific pull-up pants are suitable for babies who learn to stand/walk. 】

Japan imported Daio baby wipes replacement 70 pieces * 3 sets


: Soft, moisture-suitable, fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

: Relatively thin.

Genuine imported Akachan365/Akaja 99% pure water baby wet


Jingdong Mall go and take a look

The most recommended tissues

, moderate thickness, moderate moisture, no fragrance and no alcohol. Gentle and non-irritating. Best value for money.

Japanese original pigeon baby baby toilet thick wet wipes portable …


: Flush toilet.

: Too thick. Smells of alcohol.

To add, the phenomenon of diaper bulging seems to be related to the tightness of the baby’s clothes. Sometimes the bulge is strangled. Change diapers must be wiped with wet wipes / wet gauze, otherwise you will be red. Because of some kind of bacteria. Sometimes red PP is not because it is not breathable, but because the urine is not wiped clean.

Having said that, by the way, I will give you expectant mothers some advice and opinions on stocking up on diapers and buying.

Hoarding reference – (My family’s fat treasure reference index: birth: 51CM 3.27KG; 35 DAYS: 54.5CM 4.9KG)

NB number – NB90 0-5KG, used 4 packs. Personally, I recommend that I don’t use this after confinement. My baby felt too small after 35 days. Kao’s piece has no strangulation marks, but the NB number is easy to leak, and Unika is recommended at this stage. Babies pee a lot in the month and change frequently, basically not red butt. Breast milk babies urinate very frequently, and very thin, change a lot a day, and use tablets quickly. About 8-10 tablets a day.

Size S – 4-8KG S88 used 2 packs. S82 used a pack. Unija is also recommended at this stage. After the month is born, the baby poops and pees less often, and the amount will become more. I changed my M size 3 months ago. Uniga’s piece is a little smaller than Kao, and she changed to Uniga’s M in the evening of 3 months. At this time, about 6-8 tablets per day.

Reference index: 76 days Height 60CM Weight 6.6KG

M size – 6-11KG. At 3 months, your baby’s poop pees more regularly. Poop 1-2 times a day, sometimes even 2 days. By 3 months, the baby is very active, and Kao has begun to have an elastic waistline. At this time, good diapers become especially important, because the baby poops less, sleep longer, and good tablets can make you sleep well, and the weight and height are long! When sleeping, there will be less pee, and when awake, it will take about 3-4 hours to change a tablet. My baby weaned himself from night milk after 100 days, and he spent the night overnight before going to bed. It is also about 6-8 tablets a day.

Recommended collocation after personal compromise——

0-3KG: All day Uniga NB number;

4-7KG: All-day Uniga S;

6KG start: Use Uniga M / Kao M at night;

7-10KG: All day Unika M/Kao M;

7-11KG start: go out with Kao M all day or use Kao M / Angel M at night;

After half a year of age/after the formation of bowel awareness: Change pull-up pants according to body weight.

Signs of the stage when diapers need to be replaced –

1. The baby’s leg circumference or waist circumference has become tighter;

2. The piece can no longer cover the baby’s navel;

3. The amount of urine is too large, and it is necessary to change diapers more frequently;

4. When the baby is too active, turns over and crawls all day, and the patch is easy to fall, you can try to change the pull-up pants. (But at this stage, more parents will let their babies learn to go to the toilet…) )

In fact, each baby’s growth data is different, and I personally think that it is meaningless to just look at the average data. It is better to hold the baby to measure the weight, according to the baby’s weight, and then according to the baby’s specific condition to buy diapers at various stages. My baby is 5 and a half months old and 10 kilograms, but the M size is no longer suitable. Personally, when the baby’s weight reaches the critical point of changing the film, I will change the next stage of the tablet at night to make the baby sleep more comfortably.

Note: Varies with market prices, and offers displayed on the page are only representative of the time of publication.