The “Chinese Restaurant” variety show that was broadcast some time ago made Zhao Liying the focus of public discussion, and everyone was speculating whether she would already be out of shape when she was 30+, not to mention having a baby. But from her recently released Weibo dynamic photos, it can be seen that instead of becoming fat, she looks more mature and female.

Just a simple shirt with a black and white plaid skirt can make her wear a unique and street trend feeling, plus the color of the black belt, more layered effect.

The translucent inner shirt has a special small fresh feeling, breathable and also makes our Zhao Xiaodao add a lot of sexy charm, and the black spot vest plays a strong effect of layering and contrasting in it.

If you want to say, the highlight is this black and white style plaid skirt, the design of the hips brings a slim experience, and also makes the whole person’s “S” curve more natural and beautiful.

In addition to Zhao Liying, the resident host of Happy Base Camp, our sister Xin is also a person who loves plaid skirts, simple red and black color matching, combined with white decoration, more fashionable.

Seemingly simple stripes, but Wu Xin wore a tight little sexy, with a glossy short leather jacket and white short sleeves as decoration, it can be said to be quite fashionable.

Or, wearing such a skirt with a black and yellow line is also a good choice. In particular, the black and white short matching of the upper body highlights the fashion color of the skirt.

Usually go out, directly wear a cap, and then carry a bag, the embellishments are full of casual texture.

The simple texture design, but has the role of trimming, and the material is relatively light and breathable, wearing will not be too sullen, the upper body as long as you find a white T-shirt to match, there will be a very street casual feeling.

If you don’t like the monotonous plaid skirt very much, you can try to wear a bow tie style, the overall style is a more layered feel~ And this skirt still belongs to a tightening design, and the interlacing of the plaid plays a role in slimming the legs to a certain extent.

For autumn outfits, plaid skirts are the type that many girls will choose, are you ready?

Tomorrow, Big Dream will continue to bring you articles about dressing~

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