Matching clothing in autumn and winter, fashion and warmth need to be taken into account. Therefore, when you look at the winter clothing strategy, there will be

“Keep warm up and down”

of appeals. For the “old cold legs” party, in winter, pants that can be worn warm are a real need.

Pants made of corduroy are thick and warm, frost-resistant and windproof, and are suitable for autumn and winter. The color of the pants is also mostly light colors such as brown and off-white, which is very versatile. The special materials, colors and a little vintage flavor. In autumn and winter, how everyone matches corduroy pants, let’s take a look!

1. White shirt + caramel vest + corduroy pants + loafers

Taking advantage of the vintage character of corduroy pants, it is a good choice to create a vintage outfit in autumn and winter. A white shirt as the base, a caramel-colored vest layered on the outside, revealing the small lapels inside the shirt, the outfit is rich in layers and literary sense. The caramel color vest is rich and bright, looking energetic, sweet, and vibrant.

Because the top already has a large area of bright colors, the pants are paired with a pair of off-white corduroy trousers, and the matching color is harmonious and attractive. Pair it with a pair of beige loafers and a vintage-sense bag, and you will look retro.

2. Sweater + brown corduroy trousers

Wear in autumn and winter earth tones, complete with “sweater + corduroy trousers”. Simple combination, pay attention to the pattern on the sweater and the color of the pants, the outfit will no longer become monotonous. A chunky Fairle Isle sweater with a special pattern and color system.

Wear it with dark brown corduroy trousers, which is warm and simple. With small black leather shoes that increase texture and maturity, and a brown painter hat, is the overall outfit more retro and artistic?

3. Green suit + solid color undershirt + white corduroy trousers

White corduroy trousers dare to match a variety of unconventional colors, and look very harmonious and comfortable. Green mixed with apricot suit, the color is very special, the upper body is elegant and temperamental.

With a solid turtleneck undershirt and a straight pants made of corduroy, it is full of heroism, calm atmosphere and aura. Put on a brown beret and the smell of “British retro style” will come out immediately.

4. Caramel color long coat + sweater + corduroy trousers

The caramel-colored coat, like a ray of warm sunlight in autumn and winter, looks at a comfortable, warm and healing feeling, which is simply exclusive to Genki girls.

Pair it casually with a chunky sweater and corduroy trousers to fill the autumn and winter atmosphere. Wear a thick scarf to keep you warmer and look better! Ding-dong, today’s warmth value has been delivered! Spend the warm winter with such a comfortable outfit.

5. Floral shirt + sweater + brown corduroy trousers

The shirt with a floral pattern is sweet, fresh, pure and beautiful, and has a slight retro feeling. Pair it with a light blue sweater on the outside, and the color combination is harmonious and comfortable.

The pants wear a pair of loose dark brown corduroy trousers, and the thick fabric and heavy color also make the whole outfit bring a strong retro charm. Simply paired with a pair of flat-soled small leather shoes, it is also exquisite and fanciful.

6. Black underwear + brown wool coat + corduroy wide-leg pants

In autumn and winter, you don’t want to just be cold black and white gray. Add some intense colour and try layering warm colors. On this basis, use black or white as the transitional color in the middle, and the outfit will be more colorful and attractive!

A brown wool coat with reddish-brown corduroy wide-leg pants looks delicate and casual, and the aura is super strong. Because the color of the pants is highly saturated, the underwear is matched with a black undershirt to coordinate the overall color, and the whole body looks more comfortable and attractive!

7. Printed sweatshirt + pink corduroy trousers

Wearing a loose-fit sweatshirt in autumn and winter, the comfort is high, convenient and practical, and many people like it. A sweatshirt in off-white tones with a chic cloud print pattern printed on it, cute and fresh. Pair it with a super pink, girly pink corduroy trousers.

“Gray + pink” matching method, the color tone is not too comfortable. Such a vibrant outfit, simple and casual, super age-reducing, also very campus-style feeling!

8. Mint sweatshirt + pink corduroy trousers

The sporty mint sweatshirt is not only comfortable and easy to wear, but also very fresh and beautiful, with a pair of loose corduroy trousers, comfortable out on the street. There was originally a small pink logo on the sweatshirt, and the pants were also selected in pink, and the color echoed, which also made the outfit more uniform.

With a “dragon fruit” color bag, bright and eye-catching, proper fashion trendy! This outfit is suitable for both outer and inner wear. When the temperature is lower, it is also nice to simply put on a white down jacket.