Speaking of the bag chopping game, chopping a bag is also called dragging (zhuai a sound) bag, I understand that this name is also a certain northern dialect, which means throw. So this game can also be called throwing bags, also called throwing sandbags. In short, it is enough to understand the meaning of this action.

This game can only be played by at least three people, and the more people involved, the more fun it will be. The amount of exercise is relatively large, especially exercise the ability to run and the ability to catch objects in the air.

The field is of a suitable size and is divided into two teams, one team (called Team A: on the field) stands in the middle of the indirect bag, and the other team (called Team B: off the field) cuts the bag on both sides. Team B aims to hit a member of Team A with a sandbag, and if someone is hit, the player temporarily leaves the field. However, it is necessary to try to avoid the sandbag being caught by the A team members, once caught once, the team member who has left the field can return to the field (save people), and when no one is outside the field, you can accumulate points first. When all members of Team A are hit and leave the field, the two teams exchange identities. If there are only three people, then there will be no more teams, and they will generally take turns on the field.

The game of chopping bags is very exciting to play, in order to dodge, Team A will definitely try to stay away from the side of the bag and get very close to the other side, and as the bag is cut, you must quickly run to the opposite side and turn around – you definitely don’t want the back to face the person holding the bag. When the play is intense, some children laugh while running, and people are bumped into each other, rolling into a ball. Of course, this also gives Team B the opportunity to beat them off the field one by one.

The ones who are really tough to deal with are the calm, bag-picking kids. Even if only one such expert is left and not killed, he can save the entire army by taking the bag! Of course, the children’s physical strength is limited, the players on the field run fiercely, and they can’t run when their physical strength is exhausted, so they can only raise their hands to surrender and be cut down with a smile.

It’s also hard for players off the field: throwing sandbags directly at the body, aiming is easy, but it’s also easy to catch. Therefore, to deal with the master, generally drag the position of the calf, this height can basically not be received, but it is easy to be avoided, and the hit rate is not high. And because of such a low chopping bag, when you reach the position of the opposite teammate, you must have landed, and the teammate must lower his head to pick up the bag and then stand up to find the angle of attack, which is longer, giving the A team members in the field a longer respite.

So there is a rule of the bag cutting game called: handing over the bag. Throw the bag above someone’s head while shouting “hand over the bag.” In the case of handing over the bag, the person who cuts is invalid, and the catch is also invalid. In order to quickly pass the bag to the opposite companion in a more advantageous position, the off-field player who catches the sandbag can shout “fixed”, at this time, the on-field player must not move, and at the same time he cannot move. At this time, to cut people, the other party can only pick up, can not hide, which increases the probability of hit.

When you think of it, chopping bags is a really fun game!