If you want to change the shape and layout of a home, do you really have to undergo a drastic transformation? On the way to expand and make the most of space, we are always exploring new possibilities. Let’s talk about partitions today~

Point 1

Spatial properties vs partition material

Entrance partition

: As the first space you see when you enter the house, the entrance determines the emotional feeling after entering the door. The entrance partition should pay attention to the light color scheme, and the design of the partition can avoid the state of unobstructed view of the public area, which invisibly increases the interest of the space and protects the privacy of the owner.

Living room dining room partition

: The frequency of use of these two is high, and the reasonable partition design can become the visual focus of the space. Living room, dining room partition should pay attention to try to avoid the use of too high partition, too high is easy to affect the line of sight to feel depressed, try to choose better quality partition material, wooden partition is the best, avoid the use of plastic, PVC stone, etc.

Kitchen partition

: The kitchen life is rich, and the matching partition form will affect the use of the entire kitchen, waterproofness is the kitchen partition needs to be considered, in addition to the problem of oil smoke, so the glass mobile door has become the kitchen partition first choice.

Bedroom partition

: The overall atmosphere of the bedroom is in a quiet and comfortable state, focus on the sound insulation effect when choosing the partition, and try to choose light colors in the color matching to visually expand the space vision. The bedroom mostly chooses custom furniture partitions, screen partitions, glass partitions, etc.

Balcony partition

: The setting of balcony partition can play a role in improving the safety of space, blocking noise and dust, etc., and the balcony chooses half-wall partition and glass sliding door partition.

Sanitary partitions

: The bathroom has the largest water vapor content in the entire home environment, and the most commonly used for dry and wet separation is tempered glass.

Point 2

Partition + storage, dual function is more powerful

According to different spatial attributes, the partition is given a powerful storage function to achieve multiple uses, such as the front bookcase wall design of the living room and the book room, the partition and storage are perfectly combined without wasting any space.

Point 3

Partition + shape, not beautiful partition

The partition is an external expression element of the design of the room. Many home soft decoration designs will use artwork instead of partitions. Different styles of iron art, various forms of hollow partitions, placed in the appropriate space for reasonable matching can often play a unique decorative effect.

Point 4

Acoustic insulation materials use secret techniques

Indoor partition design, if combined with different spatial environments when separating space, then reasonable distribution of sound insulation is the designer needs to focus on, partition market in recent years appeared a lot of new partition materials, the main feature of these new partition panels is good sound insulation effect, simple production and installation process, surface variety of shape can play a good decorative effect.

Other more common sound insulation schemes are as follows: light steel keel plus gypsum board partition, glass partition, brick structure partition, wood board partition, new sound insulation material.

So from now on, don’t resist the content of the textbooks, master some basic knowledge, can help you in a pinch, thankfully, they are very simple and easy to understand.

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