1. Try not to apply the mask directly after steaming your face.

Can I apply the mask directly after steaming my face? I think you can apply a mask after steaming your face, but try to wash your face with warm water first. The basic principle of the facial steamer is to add substances that are beneficial to the skin to the container and then use the heating principle to emit heat, promote the skin to detoxify, and open pores at the same time. Open pores make it easier to absorb nutrients, thus ensuring the effectiveness of the mask. It is also because steaming your face helps detoxify, if you apply the mask directly after steaming your face, it is easy to clog your pores.

Second, the benefits of applying the mask correctly after steaming your face.

After steaming the face, the pores of the facial skin are opened, toxins are effectively excreted, and the face is simply cleansed with warm water after steaming. After the pores are fully opened, applying a mask can not only tighten the skin in time, but also increase the adsorption of the mask. And because the face steamer itself can play a role in hydration, there is no need to take skin care water before applying the mask, which is convenient and simple, and the effect is better.

3. Maintenance work after applying the mask.

After applying the mask, you must not neglect the maintenance work, the mask only briefly replenishes moisture to the skin, and does not guarantee that the moisture will not be lost for a long time. Therefore, after about 15 minutes of applying the mask, it is necessary to wash off the remaining mask solution on the face again and pat with water lotion, especially lotion or cream.

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