Amino acid facial cleanser is a kind of facial cleanser that has only become popular in recent years, gentle and skin-friendly, strong cleansing, sensitive skin is the best choice, for all kinds of skin are very friendly, there are also many brands of amino acid facial cleanser on the market, but what brand of amino acid facial cleanser is good? Still can’t hide the fire eyes of the little friends, these are the most recommended amino acid facial cleanser.


Reference price: 139RMB

This Huayu amino acid cleanser, containing goat’s milk, peony flower, nano pearl ingredients, long-term use can also brighten the complexion, whiten and hydrate, improve enlarged pores, improve acne skin, make the skin soft and shiny, very comprehensive cleansing product. It can be used on any skin type, and is suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Because I was very excited, I also decisively started one, although the packaging is simple, it looks unpretentious, but it is a large capacity, one is enough for me to use for a long time, and the ingredients are natural, no alcohol, coloring, preservatives, so the nature is very mild, people are also very safe to use, simply try it, the experience is also very good.

Now I will insist on using this facial cleanser every day to cleanse, after washing the skin is moist and not tight, because the cleansing is very thorough, so every time after washing I feel that the pores are breathing freely, that clarity makes me enjoy it very much, now I have used it for more than half a month, not only blackheads are gone, closed mouth and acne are gone, even the pores are delicate, the subsequent skin care products are also absorbed, the skin state looks rosy and white and full, firm and smooth Q elastic, especially praise~

2.FREEPLUS Cleansing Facial Cleanser 100ML

Reference price: 120RMB

This amino acid facial cleanser can be said to be a very popular facial cleanser, it seems to have been recognized by people all over the world as a facial cleanser, many people are in Amway, very, very gentle facial cleanser.

3. Ponjii Rice Pure Whitening Cleanser

Reference price: 29RMB

This cleanser can be a classic affordable product among amino acid cleansers, with a very gentle texture and suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin types.

4. Muscle Extreme Moisturizing Cleanser

Reference price: 69RMB

There are three styles of this cleanser, this extremely moist amino acid-based facial cleanser, soap-free, very delicate after washing, very clear feeling.

5. Boscia Clear Makeup Remover Cleansing Gel

Reference price: 180RMB

This brand is called the American version of fancl, has always adhered to the additive-free product route, the gel texture is very thin, with a faint vanilla smell, daily cleaning and sun protection is very useful.