Modern decoration wallpaper can be said to be the finishing touch, understanding the bedroom decoration wallpaper can help you master how to choose wallpaper when arranging the bedroom, and the surrounding decoration, color matching. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the bedroom decoration wallpaper collection, I hope you can master the method of wallpaper color matching and fancy matching, so that your wallpaper at home becomes the finishing touch in the bedroom.

  The whole room is warm and elegant, and the pattern on the wallpaper is like blue and white porcelain, which is not good or greasy, and also adds a fresh and vulgar beauty.

  The main color of pink creates a fairytale-like romantic and warm feeling, and it is best to match pink wallpaper.

  The background color of the wallpaper is pure white, dotted with light blue flowers, which is consistent with the tone of the entire bedroom, revealing a faint rural atmosphere.

  The space is mainly blue and white, the printed pillows and the hanging pictures on the walls reflect the owner’s love for literary and artistic atmosphere, and the bright blue wallpaper makes the whole bedroom bright.

  The attic at the top has a special pitched roof, so the shape of the wallpaper is also inclined, with a unique irregular beauty, bright colors and patterns, making up for the lack of lighting.


The bedding and single chairs are mainly light colors, warm and comfortable, and the owner only pastes light wallpaper on the bedside. The bed board is chosen in a simple style without any decoration, and the most appropriate round bedside table is selected next to the bed.

  Ivory white as the main color of the room, with vertical light yellow wallpaper, who said that the American country style must be romantic broken flowers?

  Warm color prism pattern, with vintage material bed, floral pillows and vintage photo frames outline a strong romantic atmosphere.

  The solid wood furniture is elegant and chic, the room lighting rate is extremely high, and the fresh and retro broken flower wallpaper creates a romantic and fresh atmosphere.

  The European design style is actually an improved classicist style, black wallpaper with yellow wall color, echoing the yellow chairs, making the overall color style of the bedroom very harmonious.

  The wooden floor in the bedroom was very comfortable. The yellow wallpaper echoes the yellow curtains, and the orange carpet makes the bedroom more high-end and atmospheric.

  The background wall in the bedroom is designed in a rounded shape. The suspended ceiling of the bedroom is full of luxury. The wallpaper color matches the bed linen and ceiling lamp color.

  The bedroom also uses lines to the extreme, with upholstery at the head of the bed, decorative mirrors, stylized wallpaper composed of gray and white elements on the TV wall, and even the wardrobe. The light sunlight pouring into the house through the windows is so pleasant.

  The bedroom uses a combination of original wood color and plain wallpaper, which is simple and stylish. At the entrance door of the bedroom, the designer designed the master bathroom, and the transparent glass partition between the master bedroom added a bit of clarity to the bedroom and facilitated the owner’s living and washing.

  Conclusion: After reading the above cases of bedroom decoration wallpaper, I don’t know if you already have a certain idea of the style and color of wallpaper at home, I hope the above text will help you.