From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year, friends gather more and more at the annual meeting of the company, but it is also accompanied by the troubles of low temperature weather, ice and snow, and slippery roads. The weather is cold, and we want our shoes to be cold, non-slip and lightweight, and preferably suitable for commuting and parties, but also comfortable and durable.

In fact, don’t worry about sacrificing a beautiful appearance for the sake of practicality, because there are many stylish and outstanding shoes, and a friend in the background has left a message saying that he has never bought shoes and urgently needs to be recommended, so take a look at this article.

The thick and knotty Commando Sole is a classic outdoor and cargo sole that is becoming increasingly popular in the menswear sector and is prized for its modern look. Pairing a functional sole with the silhouette of classic leather shoes, such as derby or Oxford bullocks, traditional dress shoes become tougher and more elegant than pure outdoor shoes, making them the perfect choice for cold winter commutes.

In terms of styling, because the thick sole will give the shoes a casual feel, it is recommended to wear them with a jacket with a similar style or thick denim.

In the next two months, there will likely be more parties and parties than the rest of the year combined. For those looking to buy new shoes at this time, shoes suitable for the annual meeting must be a must-have.

Monk shoes Monk shoes, also known as monk shoes, compared with lace-up leather shoes, Monk shoes decorative belts and metal buckles are very personal, common single and double buckle styles, unconventional style, more distinctive than the common derby shoes Oxfords, can add a little personality to your overall look, which is very suitable.

A pair of plain dark Monk shoes is enough for all kinds of business situations, from the office to the dance floor. If you want to be colorful, you can choose autumn shades of earthy yellow, such as burnt orange and burgundy; Or if you want to keep it a little more low-key, you can choose neutral tones.

The classic and always fashionable Chelsea boots are a must-have for men’s boots if not. Whether it’s practicality or aesthetics, Chelsea boots are a no-brainer. Cowhide matte suede and Chelsea boots are all fine. Boots have the most pronounced effect on improving body proportions, and for most Asians, ankle boots are just the right height.

As boots that can be used for both formal and casual occasions, the two simplest and most straightforward ideas for Chelsea boots are the elegant gentleman with a suit or the casual style of casual wear. If you want to attend a formal occasion, the more simple and elegant the suit or shoes, the better.

Choosing a similar texture of Chelsea boots according to the fabric of a piece in the styling can improve the overall coordination. For example, when wearing tweed or flannel, you can choose Chelsea boots in suede or suede, which are rich in texture and retro and delicate.

Men’s texture wear, starting with shoes. This winter’s best 3 men’s shoes are introduced to you, are a combination of modern elements and classics, durable and fashionable, tough lines of versatile shoes, welcome to interact with Boli customization in the message, don’t forget to find me.