If you ask about the basics of summer fashion, everyone has (must) have it in their wardrobe, which is white T and jeans, which can make the breath of youth come out without too much decoration.

The two daughters of King Felipe of Spain and Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and Princess Sophia, have also reached their youth, as a princess of a country, they have recently left their parents to participate in activities alone, not wearing squeamish dresses, but also with white T and jeans, combed ponytail, ordinary in the youthful power.

The two princesses dressed in a low-key dress and looked like twins, which was too photogenic.

Together with young people from Madrid, they planted trees in the Hayedo de Montejo forest reserve. Separated from the company of their parents, no star-studded, youthful youth, without any literal and patterned simple white T, with jeans and hiking shoes, the two princesses are dressed exactly the same, both wearing the same mask, at this time can probably only distinguish the two of them from their height, the taller is the sister, and the shorter is the future royal heir.

White T has the ability to help establish the impression of health and vitality, even if it is past the age of youth, it can create a sense of vitality with white T jeans. Jennie “Chanel on Earth” took a series of home life photos for Calvin Klein in the summer, promoting the brand’s classic T-shirts and underwear, and tried the languid and sexy style at home for the first time. Recently, the Japanese official Calvin Klein laid out Jennie’s new photos, by BLACKPINK royal photographer Kim Hee Jun, the photo girlfriend is full of strength, Jennie is just wearing white T and jeans, gesture to take off the top, revealing a cut of CK underwear, even jeans are not well worn to show the pants, which is particularly amazing, jeans and white T modification, the whole picture is full of healthy atmosphere, the most amazing thing is her amazing slim waist, The lower abdomen is completely invisible from the side, and the real figure makes many netizens dumbfounded.

As a basic underlay that everyone in the wardrobe has, never go wrong, and has a T-shirt and jeans for everyone, you may sometimes hesitate to wear why others wear it without decoration, and you always wear it like going to the market to buy vegetables?

Sometimes, the simpler the outfit, the more eye-catching, here is the white T-based white piece wearing philosophy, can allow you to break the curse of wearing basic clothes dirt.

Square neck white Tee and jeans to reveal the waistline

If you feel that your T-shirt looks big and round in any way you wear it, exposing the shortcomings of your cylindrical body shape, then it may be that the collar of the T-shirt is not well chosen, and the round neck white Tee alone can no longer meet your fashion needs, you need to use your brain on the collar, such as learning from Korean actresses Jennie and Jisoo, to expose the sexy collarbone square collar Tee, with high-waisted jeans to expose the waist line, simple and neat dressing, showing the charm of women’s waist curves, which can also weaken your body defects.

White T with a bright coat Contrast into a highlight

The white T also has a clever way to wear it, which is to hang it with a bright coat and make it a foundation. Like Korean actress Park Shin-hye, she wears an eye-catching pink jacket over an all-white outfit, knots her sleeves and hangs down naturally to her chest, and puts her white wide-body trousers on it, making the overall outfit look simple and casual and more themed.

You can change the white T to a white shirt, the same way to wear, Han Xing Bae Xiuzhi with a bright silk scarf to tie a knot on the chest, so that the white shirt does not look dull.

Choose the right material to easily exude a summer atmosphere

If you finally give up the white T and feel very old or breathless, then you can still choose other materials of white theme dress, as long as you choose the right material is enough to surprise others, Jessica with a sense of unity as the theme, white denim jacket, with the same material, color trousers, with natural makeup and hairstyle, look handsome and not too strong, easy to wear a summer feeling.

Another white piece that can replace the white T and bring out the girly feeling I would recommend the puffy sleeve long skirt, which is very easy to modify the figure, and the wide fit of the puffy sleeve white long skirt is very easy to match, Yoona chose it as a daily private wear. Choose a white puffy sleeve dress that is very suitable for summer, which is very good to modify the figure, and the square neckline design adds the attitude of urban fashionable girls, and is embellished with puffy sleeves, even if it is a simple match, it will not make the look too ordinary.

How, summer is here, such a simple outfit still not picked up?