Summer is here, and it’s incredibly hot every day.

Especially the feet that have been running for a day,

Covered in thick shoes for a day,

Stuffy and tired,

I can’t wait to go home and change my slippers immediately.

Most people’s slippers at home are hard state

Rubber/plastic slippers, not only

Uncomfortable to wear and not breathable,

Especially now that it’s so hot, it’s easy for your feet to sweat

Sweaty feet

The taste is sour and unpleasant

Not to mention the quality, it will become moldy and black after wearing it for a few months.

Sweat stains enter the slippers, and over time the slippers will also have an unpleasant sour smell, and they cannot be washed off no matter how they are washed.

And slippers that accumulate a lot of sweat,

It is easy to breed a large number of bacteria

, resulting in

Beriberi, corns

and other issues,

Itchy and painful

It’s better to live than to die!

So what kind of slippers are good? Naturally linen slippers!

Linen is a natural and comfortable high-grade material,


and other luxury brands are very fond of using linen to make shoes.

Because linen slippers are not only

Comfortable to wear, breathable, and cold to the touch

, do not cover your feet at all, will not sweat your feet and will not smell your feet,

Perfect for summer wear.


For health and comfort, slippers must be chosen

Soft, breathable and antibacterial

Linen slippers.

Today, the editor specially put

Fairy slippers that my family wears

Share with everyone, really great to wear!

Japanese style



The foot feel Q elastic is soft and sticky

, like stepping on a “cloud”

Cotton + linen,

Breathable, antibacterial, anti-foot odor

Non-slip and durable, comfortable and practical


Natural linen material, soft and comfortable

The biggest feature of these slippers is that they are made of natural linen.

Linen was the earliest used by humans

Natural plant fiber

It has a history of more than 10,000 years.

Flax fibers are strong and soft,

Its strength is 1.5 times that of cotton fiber and 1.6 times that of silk

, high spinning count, smooth and neat fabric,

Suitable for making high-end clothing.

Plus it has

Sweat absorption, good breathability and harmless to the human body

and other remarkable features, more and more valued by human beings.

In shoes made of linen,

Skin-friendly and cool, soft and comfortable to the touch,

Perfect for summer.

Soft as a cloud,

With a flick of your finger, you can sink deeply.

Wrapped softly around your feet, it is gently soft and very comfortable!

Japanese linen slippers

Unique thickened sole

It is thicker than ordinary slippers and has a stronger sense of support. It also feels softer to wear,

Double the comfort!

Just apply a little force

Easy to fold in half,

After loosening, it immediately returns to its original state without a single crease.

Such an amazing softness is unmatched by ordinary slippers.

Amazing resilience! Eggs falling high

Smashed on slippers, it will only be gently bounced,

Not broken at all

This soft touch is incredible!

When your feet step into the slippers, you will be caught in soft linen shoes

Completely wrapped

It’s like stepping on a “cloud”, it’s especially comfortable!

Linen is much lighter than normal materials.

Linen slippers

The weight is only 184g

It is a lightness that cannot be experienced in ordinary slippers.

“Light” enough to float

Like a dragonfly with water, it does not splash a little ripple.

Because linen slippers are very lightweight,

Walking in clothes will be very light, silent and silent,

Let every step of the way is enjoyment!


Breathable and sweat-absorbing, say goodbye to foot odor


Linen material has an unparalleled breathability,

Let your feet go

Stay dry,

Foot sweat or anything can’t happen at all.

And the linen material is after contact with the skin

Heat can be quickly absorbed, resulting in physical cooling,

Stay cool for a long time.

Not only that,

The water absorption in pure linen shoes is also far superior to that of traditional slippers.

Ordinary slippers will always accumulate on the surface when sweat falls, while linen slippers will instantly absorb sweat without leaving traces.

Breathable and sweat-wicking,

Say goodbye to sticky sweaty feet and keep you all summer

Cool and comfortable!

Breathable + sweat absorption + no stains = not easy to grow bacteria.

Japanese-style linen slippers are less likely to breed bacteria than ordinary slippers, and they are more reassuring to wear.

Clean and comfortable,

Such slippers are healthier for your family! Protecting your family starts with choosing the right slippers~


Non-slip and durable, full of details

This linen slippers are also thoughtfully added to the sole

Anti-slip lines.

Fine wavy pattern,

Greatly enhance the friction between the shoe and the ground, so that the anti-slip ability up!

You don’t have to change your shoes when you go into the kitchen or the bathroom,

No more worrying about falling, it’s so convenient!

Shoe adoption

Combed tight weaving

‘s weaving method makes the slippers firmer and more durable.

Hang casually, scratch casually, the upper of the shoe is intact,

Particularly durable!

Ordinary slippers are not resistant to wear and are easy to scratch and crack. whereas

Slippers made of linen are strong and durable

Wear it for three or five years

Also like a new one.

Linen slippers also do not have a pungent smell like rubber slippers,

Refreshing and odorless

It even has a faint vanilla scent.

Girls wear cute and elegant, boys wear generous and handsome,

Men and women wear them together as proper couple shoes!

Really sophisticated people buy Japanese-style linen slippers early,

People who wear it say yes!

in common

Five colors

Can be picked.

Girls: yellow, red, pink; Boys: navy blue, gray.

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