At the beginning of the year, the movie “Send You a Little Red Flower” starring Liu Haocun and Yi Yangqianxi was a hit, and Ma Xiaoyuan, who was optimistic in the face of cancer, failed to overcome the disease in the end, which is really regrettable. And this heroine, who graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, also co-starred with Zhang Yimou in the movie “One Second” directed by Zhang Yimou, but she is a veritable “Mou girl”! As a post-00 generation, Liu Haocun’s airport private clothes look very comfortable like herself.

A thick down jacket is indispensable in winter, and my sister is not afraid of bloat! NIKE’s long black down jacket is a warmth artifact in this once-in-a-decade winter! With MLB white baseball cap and NIKE color-block shoes, it’s a bit cool Liu Haocun~

NIKE’s long down jacket is probably her favorite, changing into an MLB lilac baseball cap and Adidas Originals white sneakers, wearing a white BOBBY handbag across the body, and smiling with crooked eyebrows, it is really spiritual!

In addition to the down jacket, the soft and sticky lamb wool jacket is also one of the most frequently picked items in winter, Liu Haocun wears a Coach lamb wool jacket with smoke-gray small leg pants and black platform Martin boots, wearing a HUMAN MADE baseball cap, wearing such a thick still can’t hide a pair of slender and straight beautiful legs~

As a hot post-00s generation of flowers recently, Liu Haocun is not only the halo of “Mou Girl” on her head, but also allows us to see her strength, looking forward to more good works in the future!