The weather in February is colder than expected, and it is already inseparable from cotton clothes, wrapped in large fur collars,

It’s very warm, but I don’t want to wear it too bloated, so the matching method is very important~

The upper body is thicker, and the lower body must be thin, so that it will visually look like a big dress, wrapping a small body!

Every girl is inseparable from pantyhose, which should be worn warm and good looking in winter, and the most important thing is not bloated and thin.

Types of leggings tights

When it comes to leggings, it is divided into modal and stretch cotton spring and summer models and piled winter models.


Fleece leggings tights

Fleece leggings must be very familiar to friends, especially friends in the north have worn them early, and the warmth of different materials is also different.

The higher the D number, the thicker the socks and the better the cold resistance.

5D-30D:—Generally a thin stocking worn in summer;

50D-150D: suitable for spring and autumn and winter in the south;

200D: Relatively thick thermal socks;

Above 1600D: The thickness of the stockings is already similar to autumn pants.

This can be a good effect of lengthening the leg line, pile and thicker fabric, suitable for single wear at about 0 degrees, a variety of color options, slim ankle technology, ankles are slimmer, light pressure, but can be easily worn.

The foot hole in the sole of the foot is to wear so warm, the sole of the foot can also be breathable, the crotch watermelon crotch, can fully wrap the entire buttocks, complete and shapely. The calf part began to tighten, imitating the sock process, and the surface of the sock leg was divided into flat and vertical stripes, which looked thin and beautiful.

Made of matte cotton base yarn, non-reflective after stretching, suede thick and soft skin-friendly, good density. Very good sense of quality. The stripes appear thin, not tight, and very comfortable.


Feverish tights

Heating tights are a very popular legging tights in recent years, the principle is that its composition contains a special fiber, has the function of moisture absorption and heat, can convert the body’s water vapor into heat energy, and friction generates a certain amount of heat when walking to maintain body temperature.

Leggings made of real wool will keep warm very well, but they will pill. High-grade nylon fabrics are not easy to pill, and elastic enough, non-reflective.

The slight pressure is thin, and the inner heating yarn brushing is very warm and comfortable. Use good elasticity, snug nylon fabric for tights, long-term wear is not easy to pill.

This product contains wool for greater warmth, and the thick wood pantyhose are designed with a strong sense of comfort and focus on wearing comfort. The stripes appear thin, not tight, and very comfortable.

No ball, no gear drop, no color loss. Heating fibers are added to keep you warmer than usual socks of the same thickness. Velvet matte texture, comfortable skin for slimming.


Q: Why do leggings fall off my crotch?

Many friends wear leggings and will lose their crotches, one of the reasons is that the size is not suitable,

Another reason is that the design is unreasonable, choose the design of the crotch diamond, just when the skirt is not too short, worry about going away. Don’t worry about your tights falling off.