In daily life, the every move of the babies always tugs at the heartstrings of their parents, and eating and wearing makes them “worried”. However, if one is not careful, Mengwa will become a “big devil” in seconds. At the same time, the biggest headache faced by moms and dads is to help the babies “collect (clean) and pick up (wash) the residual (clothes) bureau (clothing)”.

Unlike ordinary stains, stains on your child’s clothing (vegetable stains, milk stains, urine stains) are more likely to remain and grow bacteria

If the cleaning is not in place, it will cause damage to the clothes over time, reduce the comfort of the babies, and also damage the tender skin of the babies.

The best way to clean this stain is to rub it by hand. Therefore, choosing the right laundry soap is very important.

Easy-to-use and safe laundry soap is a standing consumable for infants and families, and can be used by both adults and children. First of all

Make sure the formula is safe enough, cleansing, gentle and skin-friendly

Wait a minute. Today, Yuzu Mama gives you a treasure laundry soap from Amway!

Many young babies will still be in the “appetite period”, see everything will be put in the mouth to taste, unclean laundry not only irritating the baby’s skin, but even may cause the baby poisoning. So, when the mother is doing laundry for her baby

Be sure to use baby-friendly laundry soap!

I really have 0 tolerance for harmful chemical ingredients! So

0 addition is the number one problem when choosing laundry soap.

Unsafe laundry soap may also have residual problems. Recommend everyone

Use natural decontamination and antibacterial laundry soap

, is the safest and most efficient way!

Zolit Baby Laundry Soap has only natural ingredients such as calendula, chamomile, shea butter and palm oil, and rejects products containing harmful additives such as phosphorus, coloring, preservatives, and fluorescent brighteners.

Mothers can rest assured that children are comfortable to wear!

The baby’s growth always leaves a variety of stubborn stains on the clothes, milk stains, urine stains, oil stains, chocolate stains and other stains, but

If you have a piece of Zolitt Baby Laundry Soap in your hand, these stains can be easily washed off without leaving marks, leaving your clothes completely new!

If these stains are not cleaned up in time, it is easy to breed bacteria, but a small piece of Zolitt baby laundry soap can stifle bacteria in the cradle and never give bacteria a chance to harm your baby! The test report indicates that this laundry soap

The sterilization rate is as high as 99%, and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other bacteria can be effectively removed!

Many mothers have reported that the clothes washed with laundry soap will be dry and hard, and when worn on the baby’s delicate skin, the baby will feel very uncomfortable, crying and making trouble. That’s because you didn’t choose the right laundry soap or rinse clean! But this Zolitt baby laundry soap will not have such a problem, which

Contains a variety of plant extracts of calendula, blue chamomile and shea butter

, these moisturizing ingredients

Moisturize, hydrate and nourish


Effectively protect the fluffiness and comfort of the clothes, after washing the clothes will not be hard, no wrinkles, hands will not feel tight, but also gently care for the hands of mothers.

Clothes are accompanied by drying in the sun

Light fragrance and soft touch

, really love love!

I scoured all brands of baby laundry soap and finally got me coming back to buy this one indefinitely

Zolitt Baby Multi-effect Antibacterial Laundry Soap

, it really helped me lift all kinds of difficult stains and accompanied Yuzu from infancy to the present. This is a piece

A good laundry soap that is irresistible after using it once

, too

Recommended for big friends and young ladies with sensitive skin

, Sincerely Amway to everyone~