The wearing and meaning of men’s rings has always been a topic of great concern to many boys and men, because the wrong way to wear rings can easily cause misunderstandings and cause unnecessary misunderstandings. Let’s take a look at the specific boys’ rings and meanings, learn the correct ring wearing to convey the correct meaning and hints.

How to wear and the meaning of boys’ rings:

Regarding the wearing method and meaning of boys’ rings, the first thing to understand is that there is a difference between the ring and the right hand. The left hand represents “marriage” and the right hand represents “love”.

So engagement rings are generally worn on the middle finger of the left hand, and wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Unmarried men should wear the middle or ring finger of the right hand.

How to wear and the meaning of the specific boy’s ring:

[index finger]: left hand – unmarried (already lovers, planning to get married) Right hand – single (not yet in love)

[Middle Finger]: Left Hand – Engagement (Famous Flower Has Master, Already Engaged) Right Hand – Love (Heart Has Belonging)

[Ring Finger]: Left hand – newly married (ended love, already married) Right hand – hot love (not considered married or not)

[Little Finger]: Left hand – unmarried (divorced/widowed/unmarried) Right hand – single (not in love)

Tips for wearing rings and remembering meaning:

Since the meaning of wearing a ring in Japan depends on the distance between the finger and the heart, the order from far to near can show the person’s life. From the thumb to the little finger, there are five life stages of “pursuit, seeking, engagement, marriage, and divorce”.

Therefore, many people are accustomed to using the five words “pursuit, seeking, engagement, marriage, and divorce” to remember the meaning and hint of the ring worn on the 5 fingers.

Other psychological meanings of rings:

The rings are worn on different fingers and can reflect the psychological meaning related to personality.

Xi Dai on the thumb, personality is relatively strong, confident.

Those who like to wear it on the index finger have a more extreme and stubborn personality.

Those who like to wear the right middle finger have psychological balance, objective attitude, and advocate a moderate concept of life.

Those who like to wear on the ring finger, are unambitious, easy-going, and do not care about gains and losses.

Those who like to wear it on their little fingers have an inferiority complex.

However, modern people are not too strict with these rules, as long as they like it, it doesn’t matter which finger they wear it, especially many rings with a strong sense of design.

Choice of rings:

The ring worn on the index finger requires a three-dimensional shape.

The ring worn on the middle finger requires a sense of grandeur and weight, which can give people a more formal and positive feeling.

A ring worn on the ring finger for orthodox styling.

The ring worn on the little finger is suitable for cute, delicate looks, because the little finger gives a feminine feeling.

Slim fingers for wide rings and bulky rings.

Fat hands are suitable for wearing spiral rings, which make the fingers slightly slimmer.

Short and stubby hands can choose a streamlined ring.

The psychological meaning of different materials of male rings:

Wearing a sterling silver ring indicates a gentle temperament, easy to accommodate others, and easy to communicate.

Gold ring wearers are more profit-oriented and tend to have shrewd business acumen.

Those who wear jadeite jade have strength, pay attention to taste quality, and handle things rigorously.

People who don’t like rings with ornaments are a person who firmly believes in love.

Matching of rings:

1. Match with other rings

When wearing a ring with a strong design, if you want a more personal style, consider wearing another ring of the same material and a simpler line on the other finger.

2. Match with other accessories

It would be better if the material properties of the ring could be combined with the watch. However, if you don’t have many watches or rings to change, consider staggering the hand wearing the ring and the hand wearing the watch, and don’t let the two incongruous accessories appear on the same hand.

Note: When wearing two rings on the same hand, the color should be consistent, and if one ring is complex, the other must be simple. In addition, it is best to choose two fingers that are adjacent to each other, such as the middle and index fingers, the middle finger and the ring finger, or the ring finger and the little finger, and never have a “mountain” in between.