Dian Xiaoer launched a new generation of outdoor power supply 1000 Pro, which can be fully charged in 1.8 hours with dual fast charging

Portable energy storage listed company Dian Xiaoer launched a new generation of outdoor power supply 1000 Pro, which can be fully charged in 1.8 hours with dual fast charging

Electricity, an invisible but a necessity! If you have electricity in outdoor and camping scenes, it is the focus of the whole scene and the topic center of outdoor socialization! Even at home, there are always days of power cuts, power outages, and electric fans and induction cookers that can’t be turned on!

In fact, these problems are very easy to solve, prepare one


The electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000 Pro can get rid of the headache of electricity consumption!

In the final analysis, outdoor power supply is most concerned about “fast” and “safety”, to choose such potential safety products, you must choose a large market share, well-known brand

High degree, and certified by national standards. Put it at home in the car, don’t worry, the earliest to do outdoor power supply is the electric Xiaoer, according to Euromonitor Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. disclosed in August 2022, the best outdoor power supply sales is Jackery electric Xiaoer, and on September 19, Jackery Electric Xiaoer’s parent company was successfully listed. This month’s new electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000 Pro, also achieved the industry’s new standard level of electricity, reached the fastest solar photocharge/wall charging only 1.8 hours to charge, the safety level has been upgraded to the vehicle level BMS intelligent control system, 9 level shockproof, in line with the US UL safety drop standard (0.9m drop 3 times), high temperature protection point set 60 °C, belongs to the industry leading, using the US UL requirements up to 94V-0 level fireproof material safety control in place! It can be said that outdoor camping, one in place!

So what is the capacity of the electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000 Pro? Electric Xiao 2 outdoor power supply 1000Pro has 1002Wh large capacity, with 1000W high-power output, calculate that there is a degree of electricity, what does that one degree of electric energy do?

Physically, a kilowatt-hour of electricity can make a device with a power of one kilowatt last for an hour.

From the perspective of practical use, a household 25-watt bulb can be lit continuously for 40 hours; Ordinary electric fans can run continuously for 15 hours; The TV can be turned on for 10 hours; The 60-watt refrigerator can run for 15 hours; Can boil 8000 ml of water (16 bottles of mineral water); Can make electric bicycles run up to 80 kilometers and so on, these electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000Pro can do it, is it not very impressive!

Many friends will feel that after the power inverter, the voltage will be unstable, this is not a worry at all, electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000Pro

Constant voltage sine wave, in line with the national standard GB12325, stabilized output, will not damage electrical appliances!

The most important thing is the five-year warranty! It shows that Dian Xiaoer is full of confidence in the quality of his own products, and he doesn’t have to worry about using it badly!


Open the carton to see that there is an orange package inside, orange is the signature color of the electric Xiaoer, my this is black orange, continue to open the carton.

The box contains an electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000Pro, an instruction manual, an AC power cord with a wall charging three-pin plug, a car charging cable, two conversion heads, and an accessory kit. The instruction manual and the individual accessories can be placed directly in the accessory bag. Do you think that there is something missing, yes, this time the electric Xiaoer has made an upgrade, the charger that can be fully charged in 1.8 hours is built into the power box, there is no need to bring an extra brick-like charger, it is also much more convenient to use, only one wire is enough!

The left and right sides of the electric small two outdoor power supply 1000Pro are heat dissipation screens,

Convection heat dissipation design, aerodynamic, heat dissipation into the air quickly, and the noise is particularly low, completely negligible for outdoor use.

On the back of the main body are two charging positions. One is the AC input of the wall charge 220v, and the other is the DC input such as solar panels.

Detailed technical specifications are printed next to it:

Name: Outdoor power supply 1000 Pro Model: JE-1000B

Li-ion battery pack energy: 23.2Ah/43.2V (1002Wh)

DC input (2X8020 port): 12V-17.5V, dual 16A Max; 17.5V-60V, dual 22A Max.

AC input: 220V, 10A Max

2xAC output: 220V 50Hz, 4.6A, rated 1000W, peak 2000W

2xUSB-C output: 100W Max, 5v3a 9v3a 12v3a 15v3a 20v5a

2xUSB-A output: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max, 5-6v3a 6-9v2a 9-12v1.5a

Car charging output: 12V10A

From these parameters, it can be seen that the maximum peak output of the AC port is 2000W, that is, the two sockets are used together, and the general household appliances are basically less than 1000W, which can be used, so there is no need to worry about power failure at home, and the socket also has an anti-electric shock protection door, effectively preventing children’s fingers from reaching in.

There are also concerned about the number of cycles, go to check, the number of cycles of this device (the number of cycles refers to the battery to complete a complete charge and discharge cycle) is 1000 times, but it does not mean that it cannot be used after 1000 cycles, and the battery capacity of the electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000Pro is still higher than 80% after 1000 uses. It can be used once a month and can basically be used for 10 years. It can be used with confidence, and there is a five-year long warranty, it can be said that Dian Xiaoer has absolute trust in the quality of this product.


For a one-degree outdoor power supply, this volume is not large, and it also contains the components of the charging transformer, which can be carried with one hand.

A boxy one, the front from top to bottom is 3W LED lights and switches, screens and switches, cigarette lighter outputs and switches, USB interfaces and switches, AC outputs and switches, so that each partition has a switch to control, and the switch has an indicator light to indicate whether it is turned on.

A folding handle design is more ergonomic, and the handle has silicone attached to it, so it will not be crippled when handheld.

On the handlebar, the orange area is made of silicone.

3W LED light, protected by silicone cover when not in use, can have three states, low brightness, high brightness, SOS, as an emergency light source is very practical. Next to it is a separate switch. With each press, it toggles between on/three states/off.

Especially when taking things in the car, the lights on the car are not actually on, which is very practical.

In the middle is a display screen, covered by a layer of protective film, the number displayed in the middle of the screen is the power information, and the circle around the number is also, the first small cell represents ten percent of the charge, there will be an animation display when charging, and there is no when discharging.

The left INPUT refers to the power during charging, and the remaining time, etc., and the right OUTPUT is the power when discharging, and there is also the remaining use time under this power, which is convenient for you to judge the use of electricity.

The far right is the cigarette lighter output, and the car refrigerator/car can also be powered by electricity.

Between the screen and the cigarette lighter output, one is the screen switch and the other is the cigarette lighter switch. Press once and the screen will light up and you can see the power status.

The lower left corner is four USB output interfaces, USB-A: QC3.0 18W USB-C: PD100W, support fast charging mobile phones/notebooks/tablets/DJI drones and other devices, and the right side is an independent switch of the USB area.

The lower right corner is two AC 220V 10000W sine wave output interfaces, which can be plugged into three-pin or two-pin 10A plugs, and there is protection against electric shock, and the safety is enhanced. The left switch is the AC zone control switch.



When the power is 43 when the package is opened, it is charged to 100%, which takes 1 hour and 5 minutes. It is consistent with the official 1.8-hour full charge.


Let’s start with the LED light that comes with it, the low-grade function is 1W, and it can be used for 1000 hours when the power supply is fully charged. The highlight of 3W can also be used for about 333 hours. The use time is actually very simple, divide the power of the power supply by the power of the electrical appliance, and the use time is obtained.

A notebook with a low battery, a 60W charger, can continue to be used for 5.8 hours when the power supply is only 40% (this use time actually depends on how much power the notebook has left).

If the notebook is fully charged and does not need to charge the notebook, the power will not reach 60W, such as when I use it after being fully charged during the day, only about 17W, which can be used for 58 hours, and if you need outdoor work, three days is enough.

The camera battery is charged, only about 7W.

Bluetooth speaker 10W, can be used for 100 hours.

Action cameras such as GoPro can also be charged.

Find a projector, camping favorite is to watch movies outdoors, and then you can also let the children watch cartoons quietly.

Measured that the 21W projector can be used for 38.6 hours, watching movies all night without any problems, this eleventh camping, you can directly bring it, watch the movie.

Apple’s 20W fast charge has not fallen, stable output!

How to do camping without ice, ice cubes need to be solved by the refrigerator, and the electricity of the refrigerator is solved by electricity Xiao Er! The 24W refrigerator can be used for 58 hours, if you let the refrigerator use it alone, it is no problem for both days, drink ice drinks outdoors in summer, and the people next to you are responsible for envy and jealousy!

Try the last 800W electric ceramic stove, measured 786W, can be used for 1.8 hours, boiling water to make coffee is completely fine!

Today come out to camp, ready to eat pasta, need to boil water, need to cook noodles, etc., measured 614W can be used for 2.8 hours, cook a bowl of pasta about 15 minutes, about 8 bowls can be cooked, two people can meet the needs of two days.

Make a sandwich in the morning (forgot to take jam, the finished product is not stunning enough), used a 600W sandwich machine, in fact, the sandwich machine is considered to be power-saving, only need to use electricity when preheating, 600W full power operation is about 3 minutes, and then use a little electricity when heating, or it is recommended that you use a sandwich machine, convenient, but also save electricity.

The sandwich was the last I used, so I left about 76 percent of the electricity here, used 24 percent, made pasta, boiled water, boiled coffee, made a sandwich, and then charged the phone for a while, the notebook was plugged in for a while, and other fragmentary chargers were also used for a short time, and some time was wasted taking pictures during use, and some electricity was wasted, so that the food for two people, if all rely on electricity, two days is no problem. Of course, you can also stir-fry to make rice, the 1000W induction cooker can be used for an hour, and several dishes can be fried in an hour, suitable for several people to go out and cook a meal.

There is no problem in putting it in the car or at home after use, 9 level shockproof, and there is no problem in putting it in the car.


Camping must use electricity, and many places are not allowed to open fire, coincidentally, basically camping in these places, so outdoor power is a necessity, including mobile phone charging / drone charging / car power loss and so on.

There are also some inflatable tents/mattresses/pillows, etc., which need electric inflators to assist, and it is unrealistic to blow in the mouth.

Even at home, this kind of power supply is also a good helper, when the power is cut off, the water can be stored and bought bottled No, and electricity is not, so here it is recommended that you enter this high-security/fast/small, portable and multi-purpose electric Xiaoer outdoor power supply 1000 Pro!

Product Recommendation: Outdoor power connector IP65