December 8, Pacific Computer Network Liaoning Station

In order to solve the problem that the monitoring angle of the traditional recorder single lens is not enough, the ST D23D is equipped with left and right dual lenses! Its left lens reaches 120 degrees, and it has a large wide-angle camera; The right lens adopts a special lens for telescopes, which clearly identifies the license plate distance of up to 50 meters; The left and right dual lenses adopt 270 degrees, rotating design, the owner can adjust the lens angle at will, to meet the all-round monitoring of the front, side, interior and parking space of the car! At present, the price of this Xinco D23D dashcam is 50 yuan cheaper than the Internet at the merchant “Shenyang Dashcam Monopoly”, which is worth recommending. Interested friends can consult the following dealers for further understanding.

ST Drive Recorder D23D is equipped with a 2.7-inch HD large screen for on-site playback of surveillance videos, and the USB interface can be connected to a computer for playback. In order to allow owners to have better night camera effect at night, ST D23D adopts imported Samsung 4aw high-resolution sensor (1.2 million pixels), and equips the lens with 8 infrared LED fill lights.