The temperature is gradually rising, and the spring atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, but at this time, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and we also need to prepare a thin and moderate jacket to protect against the wind and cold. That’s when knitted cardigans are the best choice!

So, how can we wear knitted cardigans to look better and more fashionable this spring? Today I bring you 3 selection ideas and 5 sets of matching demonstrations, hand-to-hand teaching, I hope it can help you!

Ideas for choosing a knitted cardigan

When we choose a knitted cardigan, in addition to the fabric, we also need to pay attention to its style, length, and color. Let’s start with a brief selection of fabrics, for knitted cardigans,

Its commonly used fabrics are cotton and wool

In spring, cotton knitted cardigans will be more practical, its advantage is that it has good breathability, will not be too stuffy, just suitable for this spring when the temperature is not high or low.

Idea (1): Style selection

There are two main styles of knitted cardigans, one is the standard style with sleeves, and the other is the knitted vest that focuses on “age-reducing college style”.

The former is versatile and easy to wear, and the application scenarios are very extensive, which is very suitable for sisters with a more mature and stable dressing style

; The knitted vest is more lively and girly, suitable for sisters with a sweet dressing style!

Idea (2): Length picking

When choosing a knitted cardigan, length is also very important. In spring, the most common lengths are short to the waist and regular to the hips, like

A long knitted cardigan above and below the knee will be more suitable for autumn.

Cropped knitted cardigans are a favourite with smaller girls

, it can help create a high waistline, with high-waisted pants to easily create the perfect body proportions; whereas

Regular knitted cardigans are more gentle and ladylike

, the fit is also relatively loose, and the effect of hiding meat is much better than the short one!

Idea (3): Color picking

Finally, the color of the knitted cardigan was chosen. Let’s talk about the solid color knitted cardigan first, at this time, the color of the knitted cardigan determines the overall dressing style.

If you want

Dress simply and neatly

, that is definitely the choice

Black and white gray

; If you want to wear out

A sweet girly feeling

, then choose

Lively and eye-catching candy color

Dress calmly and generously

, you can try more

Earth tones

However, in the spring, I recommend choosing a cardigan in primary colors with a sufficient variety of colors. For example, the striped knitted cardigan and checked knitted cardigan worn by the blogger below,

The striped elements are full of Japanese languidness and are suitable for sisters around 30 years old

; The check element is more vintage, which is very good for college wear and vacation wear!

Demonstration of knitted cardigan

Matching (1): Knitted cardigan + A-line skirt

Ladylike looks are particularly popular this spring, and if you want to create this sense of style, you can use “knitwear + A-line skirt” to create it.

Knitted cardigans should be slim fit or light fabrics

, used to highlight the curves of the upper body, but also to add a little sexy touch to the overall outfit. Paired with an A-line skirt, the combination of wide top and narrow bottom, looks thin and slim, which is very suitable for sisters with wide hips and big asses.

Matching (2): knitted cardigan + pleated skirt

In the same way, we can also choose a pleated skirt to pair with a knitted cardigan. But the pleated skirt brings more of a vertical line feeling, so it can play a good role in “lengthening the body line”.

And the flexible sense of pleated skirt is also very suitable for spring, with a solid color knitted cardigan and slim underwear, gentle and elegant, creating a “temperamental” lady fan in minutes!

Matching (3): Knitted cardigan + wide-leg pants

If you want to wear a “laid-back and casual” sister in the spring, you can try the classic CP of “knitted cardigan + wide-leg pants”. The advantage is that it is simple and easy to wear and drive, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to wear a mediocre and dull feeling.

At this time, we

Don’t choose wide-leg pants that are too long, too cumbersome and easy to shorten

。 Like the blogger below, directly pick a pair of cropped wide-leg pants, with a knitted cardigan + shirt will be more capable and look more tasteful.

Matching (4): Knitted cardigan + pipe pants/straight pants

Pipe pants and straight-leg pants are both neat pieces that take away some of the dragging feel of knitted cardigans, even as a commute.

And in this set, we

It is necessary to shape a pronounced high waistline, which can be tucking the top directly into the pants, too

It can be a belt with a different color than the bottom, and the effect is very good.

Matching (5): Knitted cardigan + jeans

Of course, if you want to dress casually, you must wear it with jeans. A gray-toned knitted cardigan with striped underwear and high-waisted jeans + canvas shoes, relaxed, beautiful and comfortable for the eyes.

Well, after reading these matching demonstrations and selection ideas for knitted cardigans, I wonder if you have learned the dressing skills? If you think the content of this issue is helpful to you, please like + follow, we will see you in the next issue~

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