Spring is coming, I wonder what beautiful preparations you made for the spring of 2018? Ever thought about owning a plaid scarf? Cold to block the wind, heat to decorate. In addition to the original black and white checked scarf, there is another plaid scarf waiting for you.

Look 1 scarf style

The plaid scarf introduced today is a scarf with red, green and earthy yellow as the main colors, which is very British.

In fact, the plaid element first began in the United Kingdom, developed in the United Kingdom, and the most classic is also this color matching scarf. Until now, the classic combination of these colors has been applied to British school uniforms.

And the most classic hair of this scarf is to fold the scarf into a triangular shape first, wrap the two small corners around the neck, and put the right angle under the collar, simple and easy to understand, learned?

Look 2 scarf + cropped coat

This is of course a classic match that everyone knows about, so let’s take a look at the following short coat options have you tried?

The black top looks capable and spirited, and with a warm scarf, it immediately adds a gentle atmosphere, and the ordinary days are no longer ordinary.

But if it is paired with a light-colored knitted cropped jacket, it will show the intellectual beauty of women, suitable for ordinary office workers, remember to have a fluffy scarf lower body if you wear pants must be tight small leg pants.

Scarf with small suit I believe that many people have not tried, but in fact, the effect is still very good, both formal and comfortable at work, a pair of naked boots is a rare plus, go and try it.

However, pairing a denim shirt is a very bad example, it will look nondescript and stylish, but the little trick is to change the denim shirt to a plaid shirt. “Plaid shirts and plaid scarves are more compatible.”

Look 3 scarf + leather jacket

In fact, leather jacket is also a kind of short jacket, Xiaobian said this kind of matching alone to make everyone more impressed by this classic combination.

Isn’t it a chic and casual combination? Inadvertently draped her long hair down to look more free, she looks like a very enthusiastic young lady, try it quickly.

The lower body should also remember that it is small leg pants Oh, you can match it with mid-length boots, leather is the best, carrying a leather bag is more classic, don’t forget to wear it like this.

Look 4 scarf + mid-length coat

Is this the generally accepted collocation? So which two combinations are the most classic and good-looking? Let’s move on.

This combination can no longer keep warm, the long coat wraps the cold self, the warm scarf surrounds the cold self, let your world become warm.

The mid-length style of a knitted cardigan is also a good choice, not only the whole person is warm, even others look at you warm, don’t forget to match it with sharp naked boots.

Look 5 scarf + long sleeve T-shirt

This combination is difficult to excel, but it is very common, especially in cloudy cities, Xiaobian will teach you how to avoid lightning this time.

The striped shirt is also a very classic item, and the effect of matching the two classics will naturally not be bad, and there will be an age-reducing effect, as if returning to the school era.

Don’t try the combination of a solid color T-shirt and a plaid scarf, it’s easy to step on the thunder, if you are afraid of the cold, you should prepare a coat.