Maybe when it comes to parkas, many people will ask what the hell is this? This is a single item that only became popular online last winter, and it comes from the traditional clothing of the Eskimos, who invented a hooded leather jacket made of animal fur in order to keep warm and cold, and then added a ring of animal hair to the edge of the hat, and then after some designer delicate processing, it became the parka we can buy now.

Parkas are not only very good in terms of warmth, but also very handsome and versatile, and the most important thing is to wear them in this cold winter without looking bloated, demeanor and temperature. Today, the editor will talk about this winter’s super popular parkas, and the little fairies who want to be beautiful can’t miss it, super fashionable and temperamental!

1. A white parka in the style of workwear, a large fur collar of raccoon dog hair, windproof and warm, and the inside is thickened white duck down, thick and soft. The neat and sleek bodice is complemented by a drawstring at the waist, which lifts the waist to show your tall figure, making it easy to say goodbye to bloat. The large pockets on both sides are very safe to put things, and the split design on the back of the bodice is particularly decorative. Wear it casually with a leggings and jeans, and step on a pair of small white shoes, which is especially age-reducing.

2. This black parka, cotton canvas fabric, drape and thickness is very sufficient, the surface texture is clear, the texture is very good, structured and stylish. The red fox’s big fur collar is silky and warm, and it also shows a small face, and the H-shaped fit is very inclusive, and if it is cold, you can wear a few more pieces inside. With a white turtleneck sweater and black flared pants, it’s so easy to be eye-catching.

3. The fresh haze blue parka coat is still very suitable for the winter dress of little girls, the white raccoon’s oversized fur collar, giving yourself a super warm experience, removable inner bile fur, easy to clean. The haze blue color system, not good and not bright, gives people a low-key temperament, really knocks on the level and looks good. Pair it with a white sweater and black jeans, as well as a pair of black mid-tube boots, to show off a feminine charm

4. This army-green mid-length parka, knocking on the big fluffy raccoon dog hair strips, warm and melting, knocking on the level has a texture, army green is a classic color of pie overcome, with the feeling of workwear style. If you remove the lining, the inner tank is a custom-made camouflage fabric that can be worn alone, and the outside can be worn alone as a trench coat. With a black sweater and a black short skirt, and a pair of black over-the-knee boots, the aura is strong to the margin, is it good,

5. Let’s talk about this black parka, the enchanting blue lining, which is very soft and warm to wear, and can also match the skin tone. The diagonal slip pockets on both sides are also delicate, the workmanship is exquisite, the sleeve shape is natural and three-dimensional, the drawstring design at the hem is very decorative, the fit is very correct, structured and stylish. Pair it with a black sweater and black leggings, and a pair of black mid-tube boots.

6. Finally, let’s talk about this army-green parka, take it out, it is the camouflage in the picture, a bit of casual hunting style. The drawstring design at the waist can visually adjust the proportion of the waistline, which is particularly high. With a white leggings and cropped denim wide-leg pants, and wearing small white shoes, it is more street-style, super age-reducing, and it is simply loved.