The impact of hairstyle on a person’s appearance is self-evident, cutting it is the finishing touch, cutting it can ruin a hair.

Therefore, many sister papers do not dare to try it easily, preferring to bear the same bangs all year long… Can you make a big change in your bangs without reducing it? Take a look at some of the bangs that are trending this year and you’ll know.

There are many popular bangs this year, but I found that many of them are added with a little micro-roll careful machine, which is both flexible and modifies the face shape, you may as well try it ~~

C-shaped bangs

Compared with flat bangs, C-shaped bangs are C-shaped curves in the concave bangs to soften the face line.

Compared with ordinary air bangs, the slightly curled C-shaped bangs appear more lively~~

Long-haired babies with a partial C-shaped bangs can deliberately block the flesh on both sides of the face~ As for the length of the bangs, they can be longer or shorter~

Short hair with C-shaped bangs is also very good-looking, and the hair tail micro-curl treatment does not look too rigid.

S-shaped bangs

Compared with C-shaped bangs, S-shaped bangs have more volumes, most of them start from the top of the head 3-5cm of hair, the bangs part can present multiple rolls, these rolls are very scheming to help you fix your face, and very feminine.

You can switch between various hairstyles at will, and both sides can be rolled into an S shape ~ when the middle is divided

When you are divided, you can roll aside, super clever!

Long hair and short hair are very good~~~

M-shaped bangs

The hair on the forehead is no longer so straight, but the roots of the hair begin to curl, so that the forehead has an “M” shape, improving the aforementioned scalp situation, and looking more and fluffier.

Most of this bangs are left when they are in the middle, and they appear atmospheric and intellectual.

Especially for the sister paper with a fleshy face, M-shaped bangs have more face slimming advantages than Qi bangs.

Tying up the hair M-shaped bangs will also be very feminine, with a light hair color is very good-looking, compared to all the hairstyles with bangs, a little M-shaped curl looks much lighter~