On April 20, the 186th day after Shen Yan, a young man from Zigong in Sichuan, was stabbed to death, his mother Chen Ye counted the number of days every day. Because she missed her son, she learned to make motion photos in her 50s, and Shen Yan began to look up and blink and smile at her on the originally motionless picture. She wrote in the circle of friends: Baby son, you didn’t leave your mother, you are next to your mother, you see you are all smiling at your mother …

In the early morning of October 20 last year, when Shen Yan, a young man from Zigong, was eating noodles at a noodle restaurant, because a customer refused to pay the bill and clashed with the boss, he loved to say “fair words”, and after he came forward to say a few words, he was stabbed with a fruit knife and died. Subsequently, the suspect Deng Yuanbin was also arrested by the police.

Chen Ye made motion photos for his son

As rumors of “being nosy” and “being stabbed in a fight” spread, Chen Ye, who had not yet come out of the pain of losing his son, faced doubts from the outside world and had the idea of declaring “righteousness and courage” for his son Shen Yan. At present, the declaration is still ongoing.

It is reported that the case was originally tried on March 12 this year, but in the course of investigation, the case-handling authority found that Deng Yuanbin had previously had an unresolved case of intentional injury in another district of Zigong City, so it was ready to combine the two cases and sue them to the court.

“There was an injury case before killing my son, which shows that he is a repeat offender who has never changed.” Chen Ye said that she hopes to sentence the murderer heavily, “If he is not sentenced to death in the first instance, I will appeal, demanding that he be sentenced to death and that the murder pays for his life!” It is understood that the first trial of the case will begin in the near future.

Event replay:

The guy “fights the grievances” in the early morning noodle restaurant

He was stabbed to death by a man with a fruit knife

In the early morning of October 20 last year, Shen Yan and his girlfriend were eating at an open-air noodle shop on the street when they were stabbed with a knife by customer Deng Yuanbin, and later died of ineffective rescue on the same day due to excessive blood loss and serious injuries.

Shen Yan before his death

According to Shen Yan’s girlfriend Xiaoduan, when she and Shen Yan arrived at the noodle shop, they found that a male customer was arguing with the mother of the noodle shop owner over more than 100 yuan of noodle money. My boyfriend, who usually likes to say “fair things”, stepped forward and said, “Tell him to give money for eating noodles, otherwise he will lose reason wherever he goes.”

Xiaoduan said that until the two finished eating, the male customer and the owner’s mother were still arguing. Dozens of seconds after Shen Yan went in to check out, the male customer suddenly ran out in a hurry, and the tall boyfriend hunched over to ask her for help, saying that “he was stabbed.” Although he was rescued in two hospitals, Shen Yan eventually died of his injuries.

After this incident, the local police arrested the criminal suspect Deng Yuanbin in the rental house on the same day and criminally detained him on the charge of intentional injury.

The location of the incident

Afterwards, Shen Yan’s family learned from the police officer in charge of the case: In the early morning of October 20, Deng Yuanbin invited four friends to eat noodles at the noodle restaurant, and at about 1:30 a.m., three of them left first, leaving Deng Yuanbin and another friend present. At about 2:30 a.m., because he paid more than 100 yuan for meals, Deng Yuanbin had a dispute with the stall owner, and it was not until 3:13 that Shen Yan and his girlfriend arrived at the noodle restaurant. Faced with the dispute, Shen Yan stepped forward and asked the stall owner, “Is it not to give you money?” Later, his girlfriend persuaded Shen Yan to return to his seat. After that, Deng Yuanbin’s friend called and asked to put the account on the head of a man named “Brother Mao” who had left earlier, and because the stall owner’s mother knew “Brother Mao”, he agreed. When Shen Yan went in for the second time to pay for the noodles, he asked the stall owner’s mother, who said that “it was calculated on the account of the previous person.” Afterwards, Shen Yan called Deng Yuanbin to leave, “Then you will leave.” And Deng Yuanbin, who was about to leave, thought that Shen Yan was nosy, so he took out the foldable fruit knife he carried with him and stabbed Shen Yan.

Shen Yan’s family said they also learned from the police handling the case that 59-year-old Deng Yuanbin was a habitual offender who had been in and out of the detention center many times, and that within a few days of coming out of the detention center, there had been two fights and brawls.

Case-handling organs:

The suspect was also involved in an unresolved case of intentional injury

Prepare for the two cases to be tried together

It is understood that Shen Yan’s parents divorced, and after the divorce, the two formed their own families, Shen Yan is the only son of the two families, and after the incident, the four elderly people were grieving. In the eyes of his mother Chen Ye, his son is a filial and sensible person, who has never had a fight since he was a child, and “is a child who does his duty.” However, this case, which occurred in the early hours of the morning, made Shen Yan die “unclear”, “the outside said that my son was stabbed to death because he was nosy.”

A notice of appraisal opinion issued by the Public Security Bureau

In order to prove his son’s innocence, Chen Ye submitted an application to the local streets to “see the righteous and brave deeds”. Chen Ye said that the political and legal committee of Zigong City’s Da’an District, which is responsible for leading the selection work, said that because a criminal case is involved, when the recognition process is initiated, it is necessary to wait for the court to conduct a trial, determine the circumstances of the case, and then conduct a comprehensive assessment.

On April 21, a reporter from Red Star News interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Political and Legal Committee of Da’an District, Zigong City. It said that whether to determine the righteous courage needs to be determined by multiple departments based on the judgment of the Zigong Municipal People’s Court.

It is reported that Deng Yuanbin’s intentional injury case was originally scheduled to go to trial on March 12 this year, but during the investigation, the case-handling authorities found that Deng Yuanbin had previously had an unresolved intentional injury case in the Artesian Well District of Zigong City, so it was ready to merge the two cases and sue them to the court. In this regard, the Red Star News reporter also obtained verification from the Zigong City Procuratorate, “The court sentenced together, which must have a great impact on his (Deng Yuanbin’s) sentencing, and when the public security organs have collected the evidence, and then handed it over to the procuratorate, they will prepare for the joint trial of the two cases.”

The mother cried:

It is still impossible to accept the death of his son

Since Shen Yan’s death, her mother Chen Ye has been living in the longing for her son, and until now, she cannot accept the fact that her son left. This year, she put her son’s portrait on the table and set him a pair of chopsticks, “as if he were still there.” Chen Ye also kept her son’s room as it was, in order not to make Shen Yan’s nearly 80-year-old grandmother too sad, she locked the door, only she often went in to stay in the house and miss her son.

The family was deeply grieving at Shen Yan’s grave

On her son’s bed, she washed out the photos in her son’s mobile phone one by one, molded them, and arranged them neatly. There were not many photos in her son’s mobile phone, so she looked around for her son’s friends and asked, “Which photos of Shen Yan are there, please send them to me.” There was a mobile phone and watch left by Shen Yan at the end of the bed, Chen Ye said that after her son died, relatives and friends were afraid that she would be uncomfortable seeing the relics, so they disposed of all Shen Yan’s clothes, and when she came back to her senses, she cried loudly in her son’s room, “I took them all and threw them away, and left nothing for me, at least let me smell the smell of his clothes when I think about him.”

Chen Ye said that she never dreamed that this kind of bad luck would fall on her head, “her son caused the scourge of killing because of a word, and a happy family was ruined.” She retired and was still at work, originally planning to wait for Shen Yan to get married and have children, so she would not go to work to bring her grandchildren, “but now all this has come to naught.” If the child is sick and dies, she still has a preparation in her heart, but this kind of flying disaster is something she never expected, “A 29-year-old child said that if it is gone, all hope for the family is gone, it is the murderer that makes us a family without independence, makes me a mother who has lost his independence, and makes me old and has nothing to rely on?” ”

Chen Ye felt that what he owed the most in his life was Shen Yan, “Because I gave birth to him, but did not protect him, his life has just begun, I would rather the murderer kill me and leave my son behind.” After her son’s death, she also thought about suicide, and now she is still suffering and waiting, just waiting for the court to start, “to live is to seek justice for the baby.”

It is reported that the first trial of the case will begin in the near future.

Red Star News reporter Zhang Ling Photo provided by interviewee

Edited by Zhang Li

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