Recently, many netizens met Gu Ailing running on the streets of Beijing, mother Gu Yan rode a shared bicycle to follow the whole process, and finally Gu Ailing completed 21 kilometers and a half horse in 1 hour and 41 minutes, netizens on the one hand envious “the whole world is meeting Gu Ailing”, on the other hand, they also sighed at Gu Mama’s ceiling-level companionship education, and expressed their motivation by this positive energy lifestyle.

It is worth noting that Beijing’s March is the cold weather of spring, and Gu Ailing is only wearing Anta cycling pants, sports underwear and other thin sportswear, in sharp contrast with passers-by wearing down jackets on the street, showing superior physical fitness, and also bringing a batch of Gu Ailing the same style, triggering the sports and fitness trend of the spring season. To this end, Jingdong Sports and Anta invited Gu Ailing to visit the Anta Jingdong live broadcast room on March 28, bringing a “Beijing” flavor live broadcast from 17:30 to 18:00 to talk about “Beijing girls” and food, culture and sports.

Looking back at the Beijing Winter Olympics, ANTA, as an official cooperative clothing brand, accompanied Gu Ailing to win 2 golds and 1 silver, among which, the dragon pattern robe customized by ANTA for Gu Ailing not only attracted countless eyes, but also witnessed the highlight moment of her first gold medal, which became a hot topic of online discussion for a while.

In this live broadcast, Gu Ailing will also bring a number of ANTA explosive products, as well as more than 5% off direct drop benefits, and some hot-selling explosive models full of 499 minus 150 strong discounts, so that everyone can buy spring sports equipment cost-effectively and get the same model of the champion. For example, the Anta Valley Ailing Golden Ring Dragon Tee short-sleeved dynamic technology couple T-shirt for men and women, inspired by the golden wreath of the special edition ice pier, interprets the Chinese totem with modern aesthetics, which has become a unique mark of Gu Ailing and even China’s ice and snow history to compete in the Winter Olympics, paying tribute and encouraging everyone who works hard for their dreams and love.

ANTA women’s shoes classic street stubborn series board shoes 2022 spring new products, inspired by the Ming Dynasty “Tiangong Kaiwu” document gray glaze technology, combined with the trend of dirty shoes in the trend circle, in the upper of the shoe made a special distressed treatment, retro style with special technology, so that each pair of shoes is different, reinvent the classic, play the street.

For men, the ANTA Mach 2.0 spring/summer 2022 new sports men’s shoes, as well as ANTA salt “rock sugar” casual shoes are good choices. Mach 2.0 is equipped with ANTA nitrogen technology, which empowers the midsole to balance weight and stability, and is professionally lightweight and breathable, bringing a running experience with light bounce. Rock sugar shoes are based on retro running shoes from the 80s, combining modern architectural elements and adding dislocation architecture design in the design process, deliberately creating a sense of collision between balance and imbalance, and the shoe body is made of woven fabric spliced with anti-suede material, replicating the 90-year sports trend, which is harder and more comfortable than mesh.

Once you have a pair of sneakers that fit your feet, you’ll also need a breathable tracksuit. With the title of the king of quick-drying, ANTA’s new short-sleeved fitness and breathable T-shirt for summer 2022 is a must-have item for spring and summer sports. Loose fit, large mesh breathing, with checked fabric, sweat and moisture during exercise can be quickly adsorbed, conducted, and diffused through the grooves on the fiber itself and the surface, so as to quickly evaporate, making the sports experience more comfortable.

Even Olympic champions are sticking to long-distance running on a daily basis, and what qualifications do we have not to work hard. From 17:30 to 18:00 on March 28, in the ANTA Jingdong live broadcast room, chat with Gu Ailing, learn sports skills, and get popular items at low prices on Jingdong sports. The weather is warm, you just exercise, the rest is left to JD!

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