[Home Cycling Equipment] Whether you’re a racing rider looking for extreme performance, a fashion-conscious female rider, or even the most ordinary commuter rider, Shimano has a personal equipment product for you, even for children. Shimano has prepared the SUMIRE collection of women’s cycling wear, the TRANSIT series of different styles of urban cycling clothing, the S-PHYRE series of competitive cycling wear, and the new children’s suit series with fun and classic children’s suits, as well as road and mountain cycling shoes for everyone to choose from.

Shimano S-PHYRE

In order to chase the most advanced aerodynamics, lightweight and optimal body temperature control cycling apparel products, the S-PHYRE series has updated a new generation of professional cycling wear, cycling pants, plus glasses, gloves, sleeve covers, leg covers, sweat jackets and lock shoes.

Shimano worked closely with the Dutch Lotto team to develop the S-PHYRE series, which allows Shimano to fine-tune the selection, cutting and suede mats of the S-PHYRE series according to the needs of professional drivers.

However, the S-PHYRE series cycling socks have also been upgraded, the texture of the instep part has been changed, and cushioning pads have been added.

Speaking of cycling socks, this year Shimano launched 7 new pairs of cycling socks, black, lime yellow, mint, purple, black/yellow stripes, navy/white stripes and dark blue/pink stripes and polka dot pattern styles will meet the aesthetic needs of many consumers. All cycling socks are equipped with cushioned design and mesh breathable fabric for comfort.

Shimano SUMIRE

SUMIRE series of cycling clothes is Shimano women’s cycling clothing series, elegant fashion and bumpy design, with luxurious fabric selection and women’s body optimization design, in line with the dual requirements of performance and comfort. Shimano keeps up with the trend, and this new collection of cycling clothes comes in blue, black, purple, green and white patterns that can be worn with SUMIRE shorts or SUMIRE windbreakers.


The TRANSIT series is Shimano’s urban commuter series of cycling clothing, which includes polo shirts, windproof jackets, short-sleeved T-shirts, urban series cycling pants and other products. All products in this series have strong perspiration wicking properties and are made with a lot of quick-drying materials and antibacterial materials. With the exception of gloves and T-shirts, all products are equipped with reflective strips.

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Shimano lock shoes

The new S-PHYRE RC9 Road Locker and XC9 Mountain Locker have upgraded ventilation and drainage performance. Among them, the XC9 lock shoe improves the design and grip of the toe protection area; The RC7 and XC7 feature a new BOA L6 knob.

The ME7 lockshoe, used in the Enduro ride, have improved breathability and rain resistance, and the ME5 features a BOA L6 knob and a velcro cover for added protection. During the colder season, riders can wear MW7 cycling shoes with Gore-Tex padding and fleece underlining, which are also equipped with BOA L6 knobs. Finally, the AM5 all-mountain SPD and GR5 shoes have been updated in color and have enhanced grip.

Shimano pedals

Shimano introduces the new BMX SPD (PD-MX70) pedal and single-sided locking Explorer SPD pedal (PD-ES600 and PD-EH500).

Shimano children’s jersey

Shimano offers quick-drying, comfortable and UV-resistant cycling clothing for children ages 8-12, with high-quality suede cushions and Lycra fiber materials for a comfortable ride.

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