The space of the small living room is generally relatively compact, when the 20 square meter living room meets the small apartment, do you want to know how to achieve effective storage? Small apartment storage, it is not difficult to say, easy to say, to just put away household items, very simple, but do you know what kind of storage is convenient to find items in the future? What kind of storage can be both beautiful….. If these storage problems are solved one by one, even the smallest apartment can be sorted out neatly and beautifully! Storage can be achieved without taking up valuable space, which is a great solution for small spaces. This comprehensive strategy for small apartment storage will teach you to carry out the storage problems of 20 square meters small living room to the end!

20 square meters living room decoration Storage + simplicity + money saving

Basic information of the living room:

1. The total area of the living room is about 20㎡, the width is about 3 meters, and the length is about 6 meters, which is a narrow and long living room;

2. The home decoration style is modern and simple;

Existing problems:

The living room is small, there are many things, and the living room usually looks very messy.

Decoration requirements:

1. Under the premise of solving the storage problem, it can make the living room appear beautiful and generous, and improve the sense of grade and life of the living room.

2. The preliminary estimated budget is within 10,000 yuan.

Step 1: Do a good job of partitioning

Living room entrance cabinet

First of all, the 20-square-meter living room is not large, narrow and long, if you add walls in order to make the storage more neat, it will make the living room look smaller, so what to do if you divide the space? Furniture can be used to partition the space, which has a sense of hollowing out and can also make the space division more clear. At this time, you can choose a hallway partition cabinet, which can divide the living room and make the entire home space more coordinated. At the same time, the entrance cabinet also has a powerful storage function. Of course, here in the entrance, you can also choose a decorative entrance furniture, which has nothing to do with storage.

Step 2: Choose furniture with dual-use functions

After partitioning the living room, the storage of the internal space of the living room also needs to be helped by other furniture, including the coffee table and sofa that are generally available in the family, both of which occupy a lot of space, so it is best to choose furniture with dual-purpose functions, which is both practical and storage.

Storage coffee table

A practical coffee table with storage function and “inclusiveness” can also provide convenience for your life, it can easily store your small items at hand, making the living room appear more clean and tidy and beautiful and comfortable, with both beautiful and practical functions.

Storage sofa

A stylish and beautiful storage sofa, as a sofa, it can also be used as storage, avoiding the messy environment of the living room, killing two birds with one stone. It makes the home environment look more neat and orderly, but the small apartment space is too small, and it is also more fashionable.

Step 3: Use wall partitions for storage

With limited floor space, the wall has become the most important area for home storage. Design shelves on the background wall of sofa and TV, and the living room can use the position of the sofa background wall to store the shelves. Shelves hanging on the wall can play a role in decoration and storage, do not waste wall space, but also make the large white wall of the living room more fulfilling.

Wall storage

TV background wall is one of the key points of living room background wall decoration, and occupies a very important position in background wall design, so we must carefully create our own style.

Storage on the back wall of the sofa

The wall behind the sofa, a corner that is easy to forget us, contains great storage wisdom. In a limited space, use wooden boards to create a layered storage space, and you can also put a lot of small things.

Step 4: Choose some small storage furniture

The most indispensable living room furniture is a TV cabinet, although the decoration style of the small living room will generally choose modern and simple style home decoration design, try to reduce the burden here in the TV cabinet, because this piece looks more simple; But it is still very necessary to choose a TV cabinet that is simple but does not lose its storage function.

Small storage stool

For small spaces, storage stools are very practical. Usually things can be placed in the stool to save space, and when not in use, it can also be folded up and placed, which is very practical.

Telescopic TV cabinet

A simple and practical TV cabinet with a simple design, which can store things such as objects and bottles and cans in the home. For small living room storage, it is a good choice.