In the blink of an eye, autumn has already begun, and most of 2019 has passed

Dressing up in early autumn can be dry

Autumn is a good season, neither lukewarm nor hot, and you don’t have to wear too many clothes

Now major shopping malls have welcomed autumn clothing

Today, Xiaobian has prepared 5 must-have items for men in early autumn

1. Turtleneck sweater & knitwear

Turtlenecks and knits are simply must-haves for men

Wearing it, the first feeling is that it is a warm man

A simple turtleneck sweater or knit is casually paired with an overcoat

All give people a gentle, simple and clean feeling

Wear it with a jacket or a suit

Easy, simple, and trendy

Note: The color of sweaters or knitwear should not be too bright, and simple and solid colors can get out of fashion

2. Wool coat

Wool coats can be worn from autumn to spring

In late autumn, thick clothes will look bloated, and a wool coat will not only make you look personable

It will also stand out in a group of large down jackets

Note: Autumn and winter coats will look deeper and more stable in dark colors, and they will be easy to match

3. Denim jacket

The denim element must be a piece that can be worn all year round

The denim jacket is versatile, and a solid color sweatshirt underneath will have an age-reducing effect

Full of sunshine Big boy feeling

Wear it with a solid underlay or knit to create a stylish look

4. Denim shirts

A denim shirt is different from a denim jacket

It is made of thick twill cotton, which has a hard texture and a three-dimensional fit

Even men with a slight belly can wear it well

The combination is also casual, and a simple pair of black pants can be full of trends

5. Chelsea boots

In early autumn, shoes are definitely needed, if you want a pair of shoes that save effort and time

Then opt for Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are versatile and easy to wear

Chelsea boots swept aristocratic circles with a wild and unruly style back in the 60s of the last world

There are no laces, and elastic bands are used instead of laces design

It is most suitable for lazy patients, just put on one set of feet

Not to mention men, even women

So young and old, Chelsea boots adapt perfectly to your style

Even if you’re dressed in a dull black, a pair of Chelsea boots can instantly add a boost of energy

Pairing with Chelsea boots doesn’t require much style and trouser shape

But keep in mind that no matter how you match it, don’t roll your legs too high

Just right, otherwise it will lower your leg proportions

Early autumn is coming, men wear autumn clothes!

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