Briefs or boxers? In the face of this problem, many people may lightly drop a sentence: which is comfortable, which is good-looking, choose which one.

Underwear, can you really choose casually and wear it willfully?

Triangle or box, are you really wearing the right panties?

Experts said that when exercising, due to the characteristics of friction sweating and dampness, in order not to affect the range of motion of the limbs, it is recommended not to wear ordinary briefs, but to choose boxer underwear or sports underwear. However, what kind of underwear to choose when exercising is not absolute, emphasizing comfort as the first priority, the fabric is more important, it is best to sweat, sweat evaporation should be fast, so as not to stick to the body as appropriate.

Most exercise causes friction, especially between the thighs, or at the base of the thighs. When we exercise, we hope that the legs of the underwear are not rolled up, otherwise the accumulation at the base of the thigh will constrain the amplitude of the movement and aggravate the friction; This is followed by sweating, dampness, and stuffiness. People who sweat a lot, try not to choose pure cotton for underwear materials, and choose underwear with better moisture-wicking effect such as modal and bamboo fiber. From the point of view of ventilation and sweat wicking, boxer panties are slightly better. Finally, when the body moves, no one wants the belt to loosen and the underwear to collapse. When exercising, underwear should be tight or close-fitting, good elasticity, so that it is not easy to displace and pull, if the elasticity is better, then exercise is relatively more flexible.

There is a difference in the wearing experience of briefs and boxer panties, briefs are relatively compact, and boxer panties have won the favor of many people because of their looseness. Andrologists more recommend wearing boxer underwear, because the scrotum is more sensitive to the outside temperature, no subcutaneous fat and rich sweat glands, which help dissipate heat. The temperature of the scrotum also has an effect on testicular spermatogenesis, and the temperature in the scrotum is about 2 degrees Celsius lower than that in the body, which is the most suitable temperature for spermatogenesis. Too compact, too hot, can affect testosterone secretion and spermatogenesis process. For sedentary men, it is easier to wear boxer panties, which are more comfortable and healthy when sedentary.

In professional sports competitions, we can often observe that athletes wear triangles, and some people wear flat corners, whether it is briefs or boxer panties, it is best to choose the one that suits you. People with a lot of thigh fat and large friction between the legs are recommended to choose long underwear, otherwise excessive friction may cause the legs to break the skin.

Sports will sweat, and then wet and stuffy, cotton underwear is not suitable for exercise, because the moisture is not good, sweating is very uncomfortable to wear, and even cause eczema, itching. Modal is more suitable because of its good moisture drainage and much better body feeling than cotton in a humid environment. Women can choose sports special underwear when exercising, breathable sweat wicking and quick drying, which can keep the private parts fresh, which is the most basic function of sports underwear. Secondly, the elastic compression is good, close to the skin, can avoid friction injuries. Sports panties wrap a large area around the hips and also have some support, helping to shape the buttocks, especially when doing some buttock training. Most of the materials of sports underwear are polyester, which has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, easy to wash and dry. And the crotch has a comfortable V-shaped design, which can reduce the annoying tightening feeling.

【Guiding expert: Professor Lv Hongbin, Department of Sports Medicine, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University】

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