Xiaobian has always had the habit of using paper calendars at home,

Desktop, hanging or book form

Yes, I buy it every year.

A set of easy-to-use calendars not only plays the role of marking dates, but also can be used to record good times, so that when we look back on the past, we find that every day has not been disappointed.

This time last year, I shared with you a set of both appearance and connotation

Ancient poetry calendar, very popular with everyone.

Many students felt that it was very practical to put poems into the calendar according to spring, summer, autumn and winter, so they were excited to buy and buy.

I didn’t expect that the beginning of the year would be unusual, but fortunately, this poetry calendar has become a light shining into our hearts, allowing us to continuously absorb nutrients and forge faith and strength.

A classmate showed us the four seasons he turned over in the 2020 calendar: I just want to say, it’s good to have you with ↓↓↓

At this time of the year, we decided to look ahead to the new year again with a new poetic calendar. That’s it

“Good Times” 2021 Ancient Poetry Calendar

In previous years, everyone thought it was good, but we still adopt it this year——

Give the child the ability to keep learning and improving;

When we adults get this set of calendars, we can also live with the calendar and add a few points to our ordinary daily life


And this year’s poetry calendar layout design must also be exquisite and chic, in addition to their own use, giving away is also a good choice, in previous years there are many students did not grab, haha ~~~

This year’s “Good Times” 2021 poetry calendar, just looking at the cover, I feel very ironed, from the most simple three meals a day, to the four seasons with different scenery, full of fireworks, which can make people feel a simple warm life at all times.

Cloth ridge binding, simple and quaint——

There are Chinese paintings, poems, and white space on the inner page, and the painting style is a little cute——

Page by page is different, used to record the flow of years, just like this sentence on the gift box: live up to the poetic years, live up to the good times –

This set of ancient poetry calendars is not a gorgeous desk decoration, it combines beauty and practicality particularly well

Read the calendar, memorize poetry, you can also increase knowledge and keep accounts,

This is also the reason why Xiaobian insists on recommending it to everyone.

The entire set of calendars

It includes 365 ancient poems, classic poems by nearly 180 poets, and all 112 must-remember poems in primary and secondary school textbooks, so it is particularly suitable for both yourself and children.

Students who have bought the 2020 calendar of “No Good Times” do not have to worry, there will be in the new calendar in 2021

Nearly two-thirds of the poems were updated

, let us have a different experience –

One poem a day is not much, but it is actually the accumulation of bits and pieces, and children can learn more than 300 poems in a year;

With the original illustrations of famous Chinese paintings, children appreciate hundreds of Chinese style Chinese paintings in one year, and accumulate aesthetic literacy from an early age.

In addition to poetry, the calendar also incorporates traditional cultural encyclopedias and interesting puzzle riddles –

21 traditional festivals

24 solar terms

52 poetic stories

365 puzzle riddles

The rich and diverse sections can be said to be a set of epitome collections of Chinese culture.

⬆️ Traditional festival: Spring Festival

⬆️ 24 solar terms: autumnal equinox

⬆️ Puzzle riddles

The fascicle and layout design also fully consider the practicality of daily use. Divide the calendar of a year, according to the seasons, into four, and each volume is exactly 3 months –

Therefore, it is very lightweight and portable, and can be used as a combination at the same time

Calendars and diaries,

Even the function of the hand account is also available.

Each volume is opened, and there is a whole year

Overview of the annual calendar

, birthdays of parents and friends, important appointments, quarterly deadlines, etc.,

All can be marked in advance to prevent forgetting


Then there is the annual plan and the monthly plan, write down tomorrow’s arrangement in advance every night, and the next day the mind will be much clearer –

The main daily calendar section is 1 day and 2 pages, with appropriate white space every day to make it easier to record events or think about the day.

For example, give children as a diary, reading notebook, or we adults use meeting minutes, reminders, leave a moment of emotion and experience, a burst of creativity, etc.

All 4 calendars are in a spine hardcover, yes

180° completely flat, easy to write without pressure.

In addition, these 4 calendars are in a gift box –

The whole design

Antique, dignified atmosphere,

Also comes with a bonus

A gift full of flavor of the year

, whether it’s for a child or a friend

New Year’s souvenirs,

All are particularly suitable.

This year, I still have a nine-nine cold map——

365 ancient poems

It integrates literature, art and popular science

This set of calendars is selected

365 classic poems

, the themes are rich and diverse, including chrying, lyricism, nostalgia, speech, family affection, love, etc. Style or gentle or extravagant,

It covers the Book of Poetry, Lefu, Tang poetry, Song Dynasty, Ming and Qing dynasty poems, and a wide range.



, also deliberately follow the chronological order,

Correspond seasons, solar terms, festivals, and customs to poetry

Get up —

▷ Chinese New Year’s Eve, read Tang Dynasty Gao Shi’s “Night Work”

▷ Lichun, read “Lichun Idol Cheng” by Zhang Li of the Song Dynasty

▷ Qingming, read Du Mu’s “Qingming” in the Tang Dynasty

▷ Mid-Autumn Festival, read “Fifteen Nights Looking at the Moon” by Wang Jian of the Tang Dynasty

▷ La Ba, read Song Dynasty Zhao Wannian’s “La Ba Wei Family Porridge Has a Feeling”…

Every day can follow the ancient poems that respond to the scene, count the cold nine in winter and three volts in summer, feel the beauty of spring to autumn and the alternation of four seasons, and make the days different.

Also covered

112 poems that primary and secondary schools must memorize

, with poetry-related related

Encyclopedia, cultural science popularization

, which increases the knowledge of the calendar, edutainment, and deepens the child’s impression of poetry.

Like what

Traditional knowledge of the 24 solar terms:

In the small manchu season, read the poem of the same name created by Ouyang Xiu, and then understand the meaning and folklore, and remember it quickly and firmly——

These solar terms are not only the time nodes of the farming era, but also profound

Cultural connotations.

Each of them

Time phases, phenological characteristics, folklore activities

, this calendar will answer in detail.

Another example is our traditional festival, there are many interesting but long forgotten


It is worth knowing about children.

On the Shangcheng Festival in the third month of the lunar calendar, the ancients would drink banquets by the water and go out to spring

Wang Xizhi’s “Preface to the Lanting Collection” was created at the gathering of the Shangxi Festival

In the clothes drying festival, every household has to dry clothes, red, red, green and green, so lively——

The Zhongyuan Festival is familiar to everyone, in fact, there are also the upper Yuan Festival and the Lower Yuan Festival, and there are also corresponding legends and sacrifices——

This calendar will take us back to the roots and understand these things

The ins and outs of traditional Chinese culture

, explore its profound spiritual and cultural connotations.

More than 300 original illustrations, poetry and painting

in the calendar

More than 300 illustrations in the text

, carefully painted by Chinese painters Cui Xiulian and Chen Chen. Rich and bright colors,

The style may be simple and generous, or lively and childlike

, I feel in a good mood when I open it every day~~

Four cover images, specially selected

The most representative elements of each season

, in tone consistent with the seasons,

Spring green tea, summer pink lotus, autumn golden rice, winter reed.

in every calendar


Figure style and

hue, which also corresponds to the relevant season or poetic situation,

Turn the flowers in spring, the greenery in summer, the colorful yellow leaves in autumn, and the white snow in winter.

Complimentary 2021 Chinese New Year Gift Pack

This set of calendars comes in a beautiful gift box, and the accompanying gift package contains –

1 couplet

2 blessing words

4 customized Chinese New Year red envelopes

1 large-size “Nine Nine Cold Relief Chart”

Among them, the “Nine Nine Cold Chart” is particularly interesting, in the old custom, the winter solstice begins to “count nine”, representing the beginning of the coldest season. On this day, the ancients would hang out

“Nine Nine Cold Relief Map”, used to record the long winter days.

The “Nine Nine Cold Relief Map” in the gift box restores what the ancients commonly used

Two formats, each gift box will be given a piece –

Text version

In the picture, “weeping willows in front of the court cherish the spring breeze”, each character and nine paintings, fill in a stroke every day, until these nine words are filled in, and the eighty-one days of severe cold will pass.

Pictorial version

“Plum Blossom Smile Cold Picture”, a plum blossom slopes, a total of 81 petals, fill in one petal every day, eighty-one days later the flowers are full of branches, the harsh winter disappears, and the spring is full of meaning.

The cooling pictures are all printed on rice paper, and the size of the poster is about 37×23cm, which is convenient for hanging or posting on the wall, and experience the ancient people’s literary and interesting “cat winter” way.

“Good Times 2021: Poetry Calendar”

Beautifully boxed

Editor’s recommendation: 118 yuan / set

Free shipping, please feel free to purchase.

Due to the expensive freight in Qinghai, Hainan, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia, each set needs to be charged 15 yuan for the difference in freight (Xinjiang/Tibet cannot be sent for the time being)