The first contact with black whole wheat steamed buns was in June last year, and the aunt at the dinner table brought a basket of black things that looked like steamed buns, what kind of aunt is this? The aunt said, “This is my steamed bun with whole wheat noodles, you can also taste it, you like to eat it and bring a few home”, I broke a small piece, hard and hard thinking that it was not delicious, tasted it Indeed, I ate it hard. The aunt said, “When we were children, we often ate these, we haven’t eaten them for many years, and now they taste quite delicious, and we can eat half of them” ~~~~

With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, today we no longer only pursue full and warm food, but also pursue healthier eating, safer eating, and more natural eating. Now more people return to rural resorts, away from the city to taste the original field food, return to the previous simple, pollution-free life, taste pollution-free food, and enjoy nature

In the final analysis, modern people’s eating habits are slowly changing. From coarse-fine-coarse

Rye (scientific name: gymnee)


🙁 scientific name:


), is a relatively new grain widely distributed in temperate regions. Unknown in ancient Europe, this grain was originally thought to be a weed that was cultivated 2,000 to 3,000 years ago by harvesting wheat in Asia Minor.



The hybrid product is called

Little rye

, which combines the characteristics of both crops. Mainly used to bake bread.

Black whole wheat flour

I heard friends say that eating whole wheat flour for weight loss is very good, it can be used as a staple food, and there is a strong sense of satiety, really? As an authentic Shaanxi person who does not eat pasta for a day and feels like not eating, in June I bought 5 pounds with the attitude of trying, tried steaming steamed buns myself, I was very successful, and my aunt steamed is still different, I steamed out soft like bread, she steamed hard and hard, I asked and brought a few for my aunt to taste, asked me how to steam? Delicious! In fact, there is no secret, it is really simple, today I will share with you my practice.

【What is Black Whole Wheat Flour】Black Whole Wheat Flour is:

There is also the flour milled from rye with germ endosperm, which contains an appropriate amount of rye bran.

And the flour we eat now in our families is refined flour with bran removed, more refined, although the taste is better, but the nutritional value is greatly reduced, and black whole wheat flour completely retains the protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins and other nutrients in the grain, although the taste is relatively rough, but the nutritional value is higher.

I remember very well when I was a child, my father told me that I can’t waste food, they didn’t have anything to eat at that time, they went to school all food stamps, they didn’t have enough to eat, they ate more miscellaneous grains, the steamed buns were black, dry, where are you happy now, you can eat enough, eat well, you must cherish it. They used to eat enough grains, now they don’t want to eat, they have eaten enough, but now they eat more precisely, for their own bodies also to eat, thickness matching

Cornmeal, white flour, black whole wheat noodles

The same is noodles, why is whole wheat flour more and more popular?

Now the standard of living is high, the diet is fine, the big fish and meat eat more and more, the food is relatively greasy, lack of exercise, and there are more and more people with obesity and three highs.

Whole wheat flour is rich in trace elements and minerals, and its nutritional value is much higher than that of refined white flour. Because cereals have a distinctive characteristic: their vitamins and minerals are concentrated in the “rough” part of the outer layer, whole wheat flour, because it is not refined and processed, is relatively natural, and there is very little loss of nutrients. Contains a large amount of dietary fiber, insoluble fiber in coarse grains to promote intestinal peristalsis, high fiber content, strong satiety, slow glycemic index, but also popular with the majority of fitness people and three high obesity people.

Recently, weight loss has replaced their staple foods with multigrains, whole wheat noodles, buckwheat noodles, multigrain rice, really stronger than refined grains, calories can be lower, you may wish to try, you can add some mixed grains to your usual diet according to your preferences, and noodles add some whole wheat noodles, cornmeal, buckwheat noodles and so on

Today I will share with you my best skills

Black whole wheat noodle steamed buns

–【Preparation of black whole wheat noodle steamed buns】–

Sweet fluffy and soft, oil-free and sugar-free, low-fat, high satiety, healthy staple food is the first choice!

Required main material

】: 500 grams of black whole wheat flour

Required excipients

】: 2 eggs, 240ml warm water, 5g baking powder

–Let’s start production–


Beat 2 to 3 eggs in 500 g of flour (

Eggs promote the fermentation of noodles),

Add 5 g of yeast powder and stir well with chopsticks


240ml of warm water stirred with chopsticks, stirred into cotton wool, no dry flour, knead into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap, and leave in a warm place to ferment until twice the size of the original dough


[noodle skills]: Yeast directly into flour or use warm water to open the yeast can be (the temperature of the water is generally about 35 to 37 ° C, not hot hands are appropriate), the water temperature is too high will scald the yeast (lose activity) resulting in the noodles can not rise. Generally, whether we steam steamed buns, steamed buns or fermented noodles of various pasta, warm water is conducive to the fermentation of noodles.

Step 3:

The fermented dough is twice as large, the surface is cracked, and after the dough is peeled off by hand, the internal structure is all rich honeycomb structure

Fermented noodles

Ferment the structure of the dough

Step 4

: Sprinkle dry flour on a chopping board (we call

Face flutter

), put the fermented noodles, knead repeatedly, drain the air from the dough, and roll into long strips into evenly sized dough by hand

Fold and knead the dough

[Kneading skills]: After the noodles are fermented, be sure to take them out and put them on the board to knead repeatedly, repeatedly folding and kneading from both ends (as shown above), kneading for about 8 to 10 minutes, draining the gas in the noodles, so that there will be no pores in the steamed steamed buns, and the steamed buns are layered and chewy to eat.

Equal-size agent

Step 5:

Take out a noodle squeeze, use your hands to repeatedly knead (finish) the steamed bun, the smoother the surface kneaded, the better, the steamed bun made this way has a good taste and is more delicious, and the steamed bun has a sense of layering. This step we call

“Finished bread”.

Kneaded steamed buns

Step 6:

Knead all the steamed buns (

Finished Bun)

Then stand or move under the sun for secondary fermentation to 2 times larger


Put the kneaded steamed buns on the cage grate and move them under the sun.”


This step is called in the countryside

“Pan Bun”,

Do you have that name?

Secondary fermentation


Criteria for judging the good fermentation of steamed buns: the second fermentation of steamed buns to 1.5 to 2 times the size of the original steamed buns, pick up a steamed bun with your hand, and turn it upside down to indicate that it is fermented)

Fermented steamed buns

Step 7:

Brush a thin layer of oil on the grate or spread a cloth, put the fermented steamed buns on the yard, boil the pot on high heat and steam for 30 to 40 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 3 to 5 minutes before removing the lid of the pot.

Steamed steamed buns

【Mantou steaming skills】:

We ferment the steamed buns, the steamed buns are steamed after the water in the pot is boiled, so that the steamed out is more fluffy and soft, steam for 30-40 minutes on high heat, do not open the lid of the pot when the time comes, wait 3-5 minutes and open the lid, otherwise the steamed buns suddenly encounter cold air, which will cause the steamed buns to collapse and retract.

Each fluffy and soft, smooth surface, no collapse, smooth.

Due to recent weight loss, I have been eating black whole wheat steamed buns, which are steamed buns made of pure black whole wheat flour, made soft, quite fragrant, used to eating, feel much more delicious than white steamed buns,

Whole grain diet low calorie high satiety

You can add and adjust the ratio according to your preference (such as adding fine wheat flour, buckwheat flour, cornmeal to make the taste better)

【You ask me to answer】

1. Q: Why can’t the water of the noodles be poured into the flour all at once? Wouldn’t that be easier?


Whether you roll noodles, steamed steamed buns, steamed buns, flapjacks and noodles at home, we can not pour water into it at one time, but use chopsticks to stir while adding water in small amounts many times, first stirring into cotton wool (that is, no dry flour), and then kneading into dough, so that you can master the softness and hardness of the noodles (because each household uses different flour, the degree of flour absorption is not the same, and the amount of water used is not the same) A small amount of water can be added many times This can avoid too much water poured at one time, the noodles stick to the hands, and you can’t knead a piece.

【Three essentials of wanoo: hand light, basin light, face light】

2. Q: Why can’t I bite the steamed black whole wheat steamed buns like bricks?

Answer: (1)

The degree of softness and hardness of the noodles: Whether it is steamed steamed buns, steamed buns, steamed flower rolls, the noodles are slightly softer, so that the steamed ones are soft

Whether the noodles are well fermented: this is very key, whether it is old fermented noodles or yeast powder live noodles, the noodles must be well fermented, and the fermentation is “prosperous”

Length of steaming time: white noodle steamed buns determine the length of steaming time according to the size, whole wheat flour because it belongs to grains, coarse grains are not cooked well, the minimum has to be steamed for 30 minutes

Secondary fermentation, these all have an impact.

3. Q: Isn’t steamed steamed buns generally cooked after 20 minutes of steaming? Why do you steam for 30 to 40 minutes?

Generally, we steam steamed buns, and the steamed bun rolls determine the steaming time according to the size of the head. Whole wheat flour belongs to grains, relatively coarse, not easy to cook, generally at least 30 minutes of steaming, if steamed is not cooked, the taste is not good, not soft, cold will also be hard.

Judging that the steamed bun is raw and cooked, press it with your fingers, and quickly rebound, indicating that it is cooked.

3. Q: Is steaming steamed buns steamed on cold water or hot water?

This question is the confusion of many friends, whether to steam the steamed buns with cold water or hot water on the pot, the specific depends on the situation to decide: if it is an inexperienced friend, it is difficult to judge whether the steamed buns are well fermented, then steam on cool water, because the temperature gradually rises during the heating process, it takes a while for the water to boil, boiling water to the water during this period is conducive to the further fermentation of the steamed bun green, so as not to steam the steamed bun shriveled, Zou or dry hard.

If it is a steamed bun that has been fermented, it is necessary to boil the water and steam it. If the steamed buns are steamed with cool water, the steamed buns will collapse under the action of temperature and water vapor, in short:

Fermented steamed buns are steamed with boiling water, and those that are not fermented are steamed with cool water.

For beginners, steam it on cold water.

4. Q: Is there harm to the human body with baking powder?

Yeast powder is a nutritious organism, which has no toxic effect on itself, has no harm to the human body, and can be used with confidence.


Ghost pinch

Have you ever seen the steamed buns on top when steaming steamed buns?

Our name is “

“, looks dead, remember when I was a child, my family was steaming steamed buns, the cage was on the pot, we were responsible for burning the pot, pulling the bellows, and when the time the steamed bun came out of the pot and uncovered, there was a steamed bun that would slowly retract, and sometimes this situation would occur before, one or two in a cage drawer were like this, ask my mother what is going on? Mom said it was “ghostly pinched”. When I grew up, I understood, haha, it turned out to be superstition, and I was “deceived” for many years.

This situation is that we are making steamed buns with uneven shrinkage and uneven surfaces.

Why is this the case? ①

The noodles are not fully developed or the secondary fermentation is not as good as fermentation

There are water droplets on the lid of the pot

When the time comes, don’t rush to open the lid, simmer for 3 minutes before coming out of the pot, etc., to avoid these kinds of possibilities will not appear.

Save method

】: I steam more than 10 each time, steam it and put it cool, put it in a plastic bag to seal and freeze it, and take it out when I eat it and put it on the pot to distill, it is still soft and soft, and the taste will not lose a lot.

Don had something to say

】: Many friends say that my steamed steamed buns are very good, why is the steamed whole wheat/buckwheat steamed bun not steamed well? Today, Don all share with you without reservation, no matter what kind of flour you use to steam steamed buns, steamed buns, steaming flower rolls are the same, let you see it. 0 Failures!


Who is not suitable for eating whole grain black whole wheat flour?

Although black whole wheat flour is good, it is not suitable for all people, and some people with special constitution should not eat whole grains often

People who are deficient in calcium, iron and other elements. Because whole grains contain phytic acid and dietary fiber, they will combine to form precipitates and hinder the body’s absorption of minerals.

People suffering from digestive diseases and so on

Children eat as little as possible

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Black whole wheat noodle steamed buns





“Finished bread”.




Ghost pinch